Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Splurges

Last weekend was a busy weekend - I got my passport done (which took me half a day mind you, the kiosk just have to break down when I finally drag my ass to the immigration office to renew my passport....great!) , I work both Saturday and Sunday (okayla, Saturday I masuk kejap je, sebab stuck kat immigration ofis lama sangat) and I made time to hang out with my buddies (oh yeah, kalau tak make the time, sampai bile pun tak jumpa) and went to Haute Food Co @ Plaza Damas for tea time treats.

Haute Food Co? Apakah?

Its a small cafe at Block H Plaza Damas/Hartamas Shopping Centre that serves freshly baked pies, pastries and well as yummylicious sandwiches.

The place is small and homey. I like the cozy ambience, but seats are limited since its a pretty little shop snuggled in between buildings but then surprisingly, people are fighting like piranha's to get a seat okay.

Did I tell you the that the cakes and pastries are all freshly baked?

When we were there I swear the lady came in with a cake fresh out of the oven. Yummey.

Si wen chu pulak excited semua cake dia nak order.


Anyways, we ordered the sticky date pudding with ice cream, raspberry cheesecake and carrot cake. OMG, the sticky date pudding sangat sedap. Coming from me that never likes sticky date pudding, I went like " Why didn't we order two of these???".

Obviously la everyone went for the pudding first. Next time I go there I must order one just for myself.

Takmo share.


It was almost 4 when we got seated and I ordered lunch to go with my dessert.

*My roast beef sandwich in oatmeal bread and berry-mint lemonade*

Oh yummey.

Sangat sedap.

Tak terkata and terucap ngan bahasa.

*tetiba je?*

Its so worth the restaurant hunt. Thanks Jac Jac for taking us to the place...heheheh...sorry ye we were all so mad at first coz we didn't find the cafe. Yelah, its tucked deep inside nowhere macam tak nak bagi orang jumpa je kan....punya la berpusing-pusing bangunan cari the cafe and all....dah la tengah lapar that time....


The next day I went for Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens before clocking in for work at noon....

*just have to love the rotating belt*

Oh, good food....very nice stressbuster.

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