Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lost, confused and tired

I am not yours, not lost in you,
Not lost, although I long to be
Lost as a candle lit at noon,
Lost as a snowflake in the sea.

I Am Not Yours [excerpt]
Sarah Teasdale

As I take a quick break from work that has been draining the life out of me, I blog-hopped to a poem site that whisk me away and calms me. I borrowed the above extract because it somehow felt related...that somewhat in these piles of files and paperwork I long to be whisked away yet everything is just to vague and uncertain, I seem to unable to get a grip over reality....

....because I simply can't think. between all this work related stress.

....emotions battered.

How the hell life get so complicated?

It was easier when I was in school. All I have to do was ace my papers. And though I am not the best at it, I think I did pretty well at it. Back then I don't have to think about all the real life woes (drama, drama, drama....need I recap?) and the cause and consequences of actions....

I want to be surrounded again with
the naivity, hopes and dreams
that keeps my heart simple and pure
and happy again.

It just seems a tad bit impossible.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Who would have known that I would enjoy trance music?

It has been a long week. In fact.....I have been working long hours for weeks on end and last weekend was no exception. I felt drained and at some point I realised....

...I would burn out if I don't live a little.

*wink wink*

I need to meet people.

I need to go out.

I need to laugh and smile a little.

* oh jeez, my eyes are showing major stress signal, i hate!*


So I went out, despite the long hours.

On Friday night I bowl and karoke.

*I almost did quite well at bowling up till when the next lane started to get filled with a group of hunky cute foreigners. Damn. That time mula la heartbeat became faster, tetiba je mode menggedik masuk asyik tengok lane sebelah je and bola semua masuk longkang. Shasha, jangan happy sangat ye score ko lebih sikit dari aku :P*

On Saturday night, I hung out with Mr O @ Mist and got a taste of my first trance experience.



I didn't know I'd like it.


I had fun. Despite leaving at almost 3am and was back at the office by 10am on a Sunday morning....I felt good.

I slept like there's no tomorrow last night. I felt great today.


Hoping deep down that I can wrap things up asap and start having a lil bit more fun.


Hooray to another week ahead!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To those who misses me....

Its been a week or so since my last post. Don't worry. I was only busy, but I am doing fine (almost!). I have kept myself posted from time to time with updates from other blogs but I have not had the time to post updates myself because I can't think much about anything else but work lately, its taking a huge tol on my overall well-being...


Tapi takpe, maintain lagi...


I had fun last weekend at Nikki's CNY party. I get to catch up with friends, meet great people and the food is over the top, Nikki's husband is a really really good cook and gosh men who can cook is a dime in a dozen.

Plus, I manage to multiply the very few bucks I have with me enough to earn myself two pairs of new shoes, one of it is a super sexy high heel gladiators...

Oh bile la boleh pakai ni?

It was on sale in BVII and I was freaking tempted, so what the heck. Money definitely well spent.

*Komala, nak pinjam? heheheheh!!!*

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In between piles of work I......

It has been a hectic week, despite the long holidays and all. I am swamped with work, stressed to the brim and in desperate need to break free from the office. My short holiday stint in December seems like ages ago and gosh I wish I can just run out of time and be out of this madness.


Anyways, what need to be done needs to be done. Period. No excuses. So here I am trying to give my best despite all I'm going through and praying very very hard that at the end of the day I'll still manage to get through this in one piece.

Over lunch I ran to Rock Corner for a dose of new music, my playlist is simply boring me already and I want for new jazz or bossa number (oh yeah, I can be pretty boring sometimes, but I end up with a copy of Christian Bautista's CD and simply loving its tunes, one of my personal favourite now is.....

You are my first romance
And I’m willing to take a chance
That ’till life is through
I’ll still be loving you

I will be true to you
Just a promise from you will do
From the very start
Please be careful with my heart


Hehehehe. lagu chenta lagi?

Bear with me. There's shortage of soothing music I can listen to these days.

Good news coming up! Soon!


Have a great week ahead peeps,in case I fail to drop by again.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When men woes....

Maybe I didn't hold you,
All those lonely lonely times,
And I guess I've never told you
I'm so happy that you're mine
If I make you feel second best,
Girl I'm sorry I was blind

You were always on my mind....

*Lyrics from You Were Always on My Mind - Elvis Presley*

Boleh percaya ke?


Most of the time men say things that they didn't mean to, half of the time they don't understand crap of whatever they say anyway. Sounds like a pessimistic view on woes? Perhaps. But a girl need to keep their head up and judgement clear. Especially when such woes comes from and ex.

Now understand why we can never be friends with ex's? Unless you can set aside all the mushy mushy feelings you have nurtured for the past xx years then no, best to steer clear of the ex's because hey, they're like a whole new bread of predators set free to (again!) break your heart. In this context, its way easier to hate and be the b*tch, rather than forgive and forget.