Monday, February 21, 2011

Who would have known that I would enjoy trance music?

It has been a long week. In fact.....I have been working long hours for weeks on end and last weekend was no exception. I felt drained and at some point I realised....

...I would burn out if I don't live a little.

*wink wink*

I need to meet people.

I need to go out.

I need to laugh and smile a little.

* oh jeez, my eyes are showing major stress signal, i hate!*


So I went out, despite the long hours.

On Friday night I bowl and karoke.

*I almost did quite well at bowling up till when the next lane started to get filled with a group of hunky cute foreigners. Damn. That time mula la heartbeat became faster, tetiba je mode menggedik masuk asyik tengok lane sebelah je and bola semua masuk longkang. Shasha, jangan happy sangat ye score ko lebih sikit dari aku :P*

On Saturday night, I hung out with Mr O @ Mist and got a taste of my first trance experience.



I didn't know I'd like it.


I had fun. Despite leaving at almost 3am and was back at the office by 10am on a Sunday morning....I felt good.

I slept like there's no tomorrow last night. I felt great today.


Hoping deep down that I can wrap things up asap and start having a lil bit more fun.


Hooray to another week ahead!

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shasha said...

ye ke? aku kalah 1st game apa...2nd game tu baru champion..heheeh...tapi budak petronas tu lagi best utk diskodeng....