Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alkisah bobo's attempt to terjun bangunan....

*what????it wasn't me!!!*

Don't be fooled with that face. He's quite cheeky at times. Now that Izzy is gone (ho yeah, my cat Izzy took the leap of faith too...I don't want to talk about it!) he gets quite bored easily but then there's nothing I can do (coz I can't take another cat anymore!!! sob sob!!!!) till I get Bobo's flea problem sorted out.

Yeah. It's still in the sorting process. This weekend I am buying a clipper and I am clipping all Bobo's fur out so I can (for once and for all) kill those stupidf fleas that just won't go off.


Anyhow earlier today Bobo was meow-ing non-stop to be let out of the cage ( I bet that furball is dying of boredome by now) and usually once I let him out he would just run to his big blue basket and never got out of it. So I just let him be, mind my own business and went to work. Usually ani will check on him before she goes to work and all was breezy till 10am when suddenly ani ring me and went...

"Kak Zu, where is Bobo?"

Shit. Don't tell me he jumped (too!).


Seriously, I don't get the fascination with jumping off the balcony. What? Is it fun?? No. Can't you see how high up we are?? Hey, we're at 9th floor for pete's sake, be scared a little.


I called a few times while ani goes on search for Bobo when suddenly shec called back.

"I found him, he's at the neighbours."



There goes your loungeing privilleges.


Ani got the cat home. The cat is grounded (for now).


dieya said...

bobo sooooo has to join me bungee jump!

Zuraida said...

i bet bobo would like that...