Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to my alma mater...MRSM Terendak Melaka

I have been up to no good over the weekend!!!


*pompuan ni gilo ko apo? grin*

Just kidding.

Anyways, thanks to MRSM Terendak's alumni (ANSARA Terendak) I finally have a reason to step in my alma mater, MRSM Terendak, after 12 years of leaving the school compound. *grin*. Sounds like ages right??? (yelah sebab dalam 12 tahun budak baru lahir dah boleh nak masuk tingkatan 1 kan?). Actually I was there from Form 1 to Form 3, and from the guidance of the dedicated teachers and support of a group of talented friends, I am now who I am today - blessed with a good life. Alhamdulillah.

When they were scouting for speakers for a career program last weekend my initial thought was "why not?". I have the time. I have the resources. A couple of hours won't hurt. So I volunteered my name and there I was, slightly nervous because after over a decade of silence, I finally step up and showed my face.


But today we are not talking about the program. Perhaps thats a story for another day. Or time. Today I am going to share pictures of the school that I missed so much.

*and hopefully by doing so my beloved and long-time friends like Riza and Alia would realise that they too miss Terendak so much!!! hahahahah!!!!*

Work was a tad unkind to me last week. Balik kerja pun quite late. So I only managed to leave KL early saturday morning but then I got a tad over-excited as I got closer to my school....

Hahahaaah!!! Dah dekat!

I was so excited, I FB'ed as soon as I reached the gate....

I have to say suddenly a flood of memories gush into my head, I feel like crying.

Okay, don't take that FB status seriously ok. Masa I kat sana takdenye I nak "fly-fly" keluar pagar ni. Itu semua kerja budak boys.

Hahahahah! That sounds weird. The boys are no longer boys now. take faskah for instance.


So huge already.


The school was the same and yet so different, a lot of changes had happened since I left the place. They upgraded the classes and dorms, they improved the food, they put air-conditioning in the hall (oh yes, kalau perhimpunan takde la panas lagi. Ingat lagi zaman aku dulu kalau ada perhimpunan je berpanas la ko macam kena masak dalam oven) and repainted the buildings.

It looks way proper now compared to back in those days.

But then I always loved my school because its always green. And now that I have came back with a different set of eyes, I see them even more beautiful because they have more trees.


Oh Alia ingat tak library kita ni??? Remember those days when we always insist nak prep kat PSP je sebab tempat tu je yang sejuk??? Tido kat library pun best??


Next is the view of the dorms from the third floor classrooms....

*I told you now they have more trees...dulu pokok besar yang cover court netball tu takde tak?*

You can see my dorm block from that was the one at the most right hand side of the picture. Macam ala in between the classrooms and the dewan makan. Kalau nak pergi makan masya-allah, jauh nak mati kena berkejar, ada agaknya 10 minit nak naik tangga depan blok-blok tu baru sampai.


Oh dulu kitorang selalu buat meeting homeroom depan tasik ni....sebab banyak angin petang. Hahahahah! Back then they only have stools facing the mini lake, now the lake is not so apparent because they have created a tambak under the surau, so the mini lake has now become a mini sungai that flows to....

*look at that...Lembah Beringin??*

Hahahaha...flowed to Lembah Beringin.

Back then Lembah Beringin ni macam parit besar je. Senior selalu je campak junior diorang dalam ni for fun.


Anyways, the place can pass for a jail now because they have grills and gates everywhere....

...including all the windows.

Yup. All the windows have grilled bar. I can't help but screamed "OMG, macam penjara!" sebab bilik tingkat 3 pun ada grill?


Anyways, before I left Isaid hi to Mike on behalf of Faskah...

They're freaking everywhere. They're everywhere 20 years ago when my seniour left the school, they're there 12 years ago when I left the school, they're still there no!


True blood Terendakian?


I had so much fun with my seniors during the stay recapping our memories during our stay at the school, its a dose of fun that I have never felt for quite some time.

I was buzzing about the place when I reached home last night to my sister. We were lauging our *ss off when she asked...

"Kak Zue, rumah kecik tu ada lagi???"

I asked "Rumah kecik what???"

I fail to remember that she was actually referring to this....

Oh yes sister.....its still there.


Some pics are courtesy of Kak Julia - SPM1997.


shasha said...

mana gambar masa bagi ceramah tu babe?

Zuraida said...

senior aku tak upload lagi. aku segan nak camho lebih2 sebab aku sorang. muahahahah!!! takpe2. lain kali aku bawak ko ye...

auntie elle said...

babe, tahun depan kita buat sama2 okeh!!!!! i miss terendak so much more than i do taiping! hahahahahha..

Zuraida said...


sure, no problem.


nisa .. terendak 91/95 said...

hi dear..

thanks for sharing all the photo since the last time i gi terendak was in 1996.. collecting my spm result.. was there since 1991 till 1995.. if ade lagi upload ya..

Zuraida said...

hi kak nisa,

sure , no problem. u can also add Ansara Terendak on facebook. The alumni share updates kat FB page tu, including photos.