Thursday, March 3, 2011

Counting my blessings....

Oh it has been quite a while since I last blogged.*obviously la, cricket*. Finally I am feeling at ease at work. Major bulk of my work is almost completed yesterday and I finally manage to sit back and take a deep breathe...and now its time to focus back on me, me and me while I clean up my stuff at work and leave a clean desk for good.

*wink wink*.

First of all I am pimping my sister's picture...

Looks good aite? She lost a lot of weight and shape up with PB! God she's pimping all my clothes from when I started work almost 10 years ago and I was like "what???? I was that thin???? You must be joking me...this can't be right???"

It hurts. Now I really have a lot of work to do. :P


Secondly I want to say a big, huge SORRY to all the people who had called me this past couple of weeks but somehow was unattended too because I was super busy and stressed out with work. Yes, its bad for business, especially when the people who calls are your customers, but then I can't just leave my permanent (on-going) (job) obligations because hey, at the end of the day I am a profesional first, it has been me for over a decade already, so a huge sorry from me!!! I promise, from now onwards I will have all the time in the world for everything else, so please don't stop sharing the love!!!

Thirdly I want to thank God for my besties who had been (patiently) lending me a shoulder to cry on over the past couple of weeks. Last two months have been the toughest months I have ever faced, I almost broke down to pieces, only God knows how you guys really really made my day.

Lifted me up when I fall.

Cheered me when I almost given up.

Made me smile even when my face is a stone-cold rock craved with aches ok. But its good.


I am blessed to have you in my life. Still feel so grateful.

*By the way, Kom just got a shiny new ride!!!!!!!! Did i tell ya?? Anyhow, babe, this weekend? Me in your shiny new ride???*

Next is a list of things that needs to get done asap (or otherwise I will forever look like a miserable cavewomen!!) :

1. A facial - jeez the stress line are so evident plus the after effects of all the ciggies are showing accelerated sign of aging (includes pimples, dullness etc etc)

2. Mani pedi - Can you believe how all the typing and number crunching actually damages your nails? Huaarrgghhhh!!! Plus I heard of the new gelish polish that can last up to 21 days, ooohhh.....harus harus...

3. Waxing - at all places. Need to say more?

4. Hit the gym - seriously, 2 months bayar gym fees for nothing sebab everyday was at work from 8.30am to 12 midnight. Boohoo.....dah 4 tahun tak workaholic macam ni, I think the last time I burn the midnight oil was when I was at PwC, grrrr...apakah?Nasib baik ada PB, masih maintain figure walaupun terasa a bit lethargic, so I made plans to go back to yoga and gym starting this weekend. No exceptions.

5.Do you know where they have good hot yoga classes?? Just wondering.

6. Clean the house! OMG! Rumah macam karam pecah. First time balik semalam I was gob-smacked over how bad my room is and before I get my mani pedi done, I have to get the house cleaned till it shines. Ooops, and the laundry too.

7. Catch up with humanity!!!! Now that I get to get my after office hours and weekends back, its time to go for drinks, breakfast, parties!!! Muahahahahahh!!!! So hey y'all, buzz me buzz me!!

*Tina, we still up for breakfast on Sunday? I bet Bangsar miss us loads since we're not there to wreck havoc every Sunday morning since the last 4 weeks!*

8. Last but not the least - a good massage.


Thanks to MyDeals and Groupsmore I manage to get great bargains on facials, mani pedi, massages and hair treatments, so hell yeah,this weekend will be filled with pampering to get me shiny old me back to one piece.

*grin - seriously,. belum serik dengan pengalaman KukuBar. kenapa mesti nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga??*

Till then.

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