Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 1 — My favorite song

I am a music lover....I listen to all kinds of music - pop, rock, jazz, ballads - you name it, I don't discriminate. From time to time I have new favourites, and to name all of them at one go would be difficult. My all time favourite would always be...

*How did you know - Gary Valenciano*

Call me sappy or whatever, this is an all time Filipino favourite ever since I could ever remember. A decade later it still never fail to touch my heart everytime I listen to the song....

...definitely, my all time favourite.

Oh I think I wanna go and find the tele-drama All My Life as well. Macam best je the clip.

To keep posted for all my other favourites, go to my post labelled "Grooving To The Music".


mommy said...

i have the movie dear--i'll bring it to KL next time i go down...;-)

Zuraida said...