Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 2 — My favorite movie

OMG, terpost awal la pulak the first entry kan...dah tak boleh start on 1st April. Nak autopublish la sangat la kan the 30 day challenge sekali terklik "Publish" sebelum sempat tukar posting date. Great . Case of the finger being faster than the brain.

Back to the main title, my favourite movie. Ni topik yang paling payah ya alam. I'm a confessed movie buff, I watch almost every movie showed in the cinema I bet owner GSC/Cathay Cineplex is filthy rich because of me and the people I dragged to the movies with me.


Because there's so many I have to categorise it to a few favourite categories.


There's Mean Girls and all but nobody could ever beat the original Bring it On!

Let's all raise our hands for Coach Torrence!!!!

I watched the movie last weekend and was glued. Sigh. Kalau dulu masa kat maktab pernah ada short stint as cheerleaders rumah sukan masa Form 2 dulu...siap buat koreografi and all with Nina. *ngehngehneh*. Semangat....


Not the tv series...the movie, where we have Heath Ledger singing across the football field to woo Julia Stiles....uber romantic! It makes puppy love fun for a second. *grin*.

I just love the poem at the end. I used to blog about it.

A definite must watch.


*My Best Friend's Wedding*

This movie made me cry over and over again, and I have to say I don't cry easy. I love it to bits. Why?

1. Because its ruthless yet touching.
2. Its freaking funny
3. I love the song. It made me go jiggy. *grin*. I bought the soundtrack...twice before I finally downloaded the whole album!

You just gotta love Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. Remember the karoke scene???

Cameron Diaz singing on crack....priceless. Cute, but...hmmm...

She got paid millions though. But I like her dancing in Charlie's Angels better than her singing, so its best to keep her vocal chords to herself next time.


Kalau nak tau apa dia teka cepat teka cepat!!!!


Twilight? (sebab Taylor Lautner's 6 packs abs...ooh....hotness...)

Lord Of The Rings? (sebab ghoulum dan "my precious????")

X-Men?(sebab kuku besi dan body mantap Hugh Jackman??)

Apa lagi?

It just have to be the most famous group of wizards and witch of Hogwarts...

*Harry Potter*

Just tell me who doesn't agree?

Just because Harry looks like a nerd doesn't mean he doesn't have the potential to be like Taylor Lautner....


In the making la ni....sila bersabar.


This is a tough call because I am a huge buff for action movies, I would rather not name a favourite but then I am looking forward too...

Now in cinemas. let's go and flood it this Wednesday (sebab murah, RM6 sajo!). Get ready with your pop corn girls, Channing Tatum is getting his hands dirty.


There you go, top 5 favourite movies categories!

What's yours?


dieya said...

one thing i really like about "bring it on" is the song "hey mickey!".. makes me wanna dance!

Zuraida said...

hahahah....all the songs in that movie makes me wanna dance....its kinda groovy....