Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gempur Menara Gading dan Bicara Kerjaya 2011 anjuran Ansara Terendak

Can you believe that I am finally participating in alumni activities???

*roll eyes. at times it is close to impossible to believe it myself too*

Nevertheless,I did participate as one of the speakers and despite feeling a tad nervous (okey, itu tipu. I was actually very very nervous sebab dah dekat sedekad tak buat any form of public speaking) I manage to go through both days (yes, its a two day event) as a speaker.

Hahahaha. That sounds funny. Zuraida bagi career talk.


But then bila fikir balik its a good thing that I helped out. Bila lagi nak give back something to the school yang had given me so much kan? A few hours of my time is nothing compared to what I have gained over my 3 years in MRSM Terendak.

So here we go....

The program is a 2 day program to introduce to our "generasi pelapis" a.k.a "adik-adik" about the life as a student and career prospect of key career options, namely Engineering, Architecture, IT, Accounting and Business, Education and Medicine. We manage to pool a group of alumni is each respective fields (including a bio-chem engineer and pilots) to share their experience and expose these young minds to future career prospects in these fields over a 2 hour discussion type setting.

Speakers @ facilitators are given two slots per day so that the adik-adik will get a chance to go to two different career talks.

This round the focus group are Form 4 students. Kenapa bukan Form 5? Because they have their schedules full.

Personally I think the Form 4 students are a good focus group, because in terms of timing, they are given the exposure in an early stage (as to as soon as they step into Form 4) and can better prepare for their career plan from now.

Sayangnya I ni malas nak camho...sebab that day I sorang je came from my batch and kononnya malu kan....so I end up saving my small lil camera in my handbag. *grin* Anyways Kak Julia from batch SPM 1997 was nice enough to share her photos, so credits goes to her oh-so-clear-and0-wonderful SLR(?) camera in which I (myself) should get one.

*Encik Riduan from SPM 1997, as head organiser, giving the opening speech*

*look at that....doesn't that bring back memories*

Oh tidak. Dulu dewan ni panas okay. Sekarang ni sejuk je sebab dah tertutup, kipas banyak and dah nak pasang aircond.

*jeles jeles*

Can you imagine us all that small? OMG, what happened to me???

*with a super senior who's now a practicing doctor*

Please don't ask again what happened to me.


Ingat nak letak gambar sendiri feeling bagi talk kan (eheheheheheh!) tapi takde, so letak la gambar senior-senior lain bagi talk.....

And can you imagine the notes they scribbled?

Doesn't it make you wonder what else crossed their minds?

At the end of the 2 day talk we re-grouped and shared information on the alumni....

Hmmmm...should I by the t-shirt???

Sape nak T-shirt Ansara terendak angkat tangan???? Ikut umah sukan okay....

I had tonnes of fun!!! *tipu la kalau kata tak seronok....gelak sampai menangis okay* (So) when they sent out a status on FB saying that there will be a second round of career talk in June guess who happily voluntered again??

*angkat tangan*

Final shout to all ex-alumni's....

Spread the word and come and join us!!!


PuteriKureKure said...

aku baca entri ni sambil mulut melopong. hehe.

teringin nak join, tapi aku takleh nak berjanji. huhu.

Zuraida said...

its okay. kalau free just drop by je pun boleh. bawak cik alang sekali...boleh jalan2 kat melaka after that....