Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life is not a bed of roses - ethics 101 in leaving comments in a stranger's blog

...and I am glad that I have people to share it with, despite all the ups and downs....

*wink wink*

I had a long teh tarik session with Shasha the other night and we were discussing, among others, the latest news on my blog....what led to the previous post, in which I shared the "unmoderated comments" which is still sitting in my comments moderation page.


...shasha find it amusing. In fact she found it stupidly funny. While she shooked her head in utter disbelief over how rude the comments were she uttered;

"Tak pe la babe, budak mentah. Baru nak belajar blogging. Mana tau singgah tempat orang bagi salam"

In which it hits me.

Some people just don't know common courtesy.

Not to say that I am "bagus la sangat kan" but I think its rude to "purposely" (i said purposely, because it was done on purpose - eksperimen la konon) step on people's toes and then later, can't admit the fact that you did go out of line and instead of gentlemanly (ehem ehem) apologise, be more of an arse and leave (more) rude comments.


People like this should go to school and learn common courtesy. Tak payah pi jauh2, pi belajar ngan Mighty Jack Sparrow. *grin*. Do you know you can be suave and sarcastic at the same time and not hurt people's feelings?

*oops, terlebih promote. MJS, wipe off that grin off your face!*

Back to the whole point of the entry, 3 main rules to observe when leaving comments in other people blogs (totally not silly, makes perfect sense, but not exhaustive to);

1. Think before you type.

Of course, you jump to a total bimbo's blog (sebab of course, you kan educated, belajar medic and all, and that girl is a hopeless case of ranter that somehow can't decide what's the purpose in life and in dire need of help, in which case leads you to plead all her friends to help her out) and feel all superior, despite anything, before you drop a comment : THINK.

Think about the fact that he/she might not be what you think she is.

Think about the fact that you don't know that person.

Think about the words you use, because hey "terlajak perahu boleh undur balik, terlajak kata tak boleh tarik"?

The thing about words is that when said, it can be interpreted in many ways because on paper (or in print), words doesn't carry expressions, and most times, easily misunderstood.


2. Unless you know who you're commenting to, don't say too much.

.....especially when you don't have a clue.

Its not wrong to leave a word or two of encouragement but then its wise to be silent when you intend to write to them and just tell them its so phatetic they're just plain sad.

*and then later rant at your space saying "is it wrong to be nice?*


That's not nice. In fact is freaking rude and pretentious.

We'd appreciate more the silent readers who respect what we wrote and try to understand what we go through rather than bash and applaud.


*oh lupa, newbie*

3. Respect others. Even when they are different.

There are no rules that you must write in a certain way, talk a certain topic...act all gah and all, most of the bloggers I know blog about what they like, what they go through, their worries (fears included) and happiness...and at times what they share might not be your cup of tea.

If its not, then just politely leave the page.

What's the point of rubbing salt and those hate comments?

*oh lupe, experimen!...kata doctor kan?*

Now I know why I prefer engineer least despite coming up with nitrogen bomb theories, they actually have heart and loads more of respect.

No matter what you do in life, you are only respected the way you respect others. Don't expect people to look up to you when you look down on them.

For all you know you baru setahun jagung.

Anybody care to add more?

I bet this newbie blogger can use a pointer or two.


And lastly, don't be a sore brat. The blogging world is freaking small and word goes around.


dieya said...

sapa laa org yg menyakitkan hati tu.. ishhhkkk..
jgn dilayan babe, biarkan je, not worth a penny.

it's your blog and yours only. write whatever u want, lantak pi laa org nak kata apa kan :-)

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

Well never saw that coming.

Zuraida said...


if you read his "unmoderated comments" tu you'll boil too.


but then I'm just giving my two cents worth. For all I know I will still be blogging whatever I like.


Well you can't expect everything all the time kan?

*wink wink*

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

Chill on the matter. So everyone has opinions. Big fucking deal. We all screw up at the end of the day. So sit back and relax, and enjoy the show.

Zuraida said...

ur enjoying?


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

Well we don't often see things that amuse us everyday, do we now?

Now zip it and pass me the popcorns.

shasha said...

hmmm.....tak sangka diambil kira sebagai words of wisdom...*wink wink

Zuraida said...

wink wink wink...

Zuraida said...


we don't. but I don't gop around passing rude comments.