Monday, March 14, 2011

Longest two weeks....

Oh it has been the longest weekend ever....remember the long list of "things to do" from last week? OMG, its not last week, its the week before. *No wonder la rasa lama*. Hehehehe. To be frankly speaking, since the last time I blogged I manage to only cross out half of it, oh yeah, shame on me, banyak lagi benda nak buat la kan.....but then what the heck, at least I got the ball rolling by....

1. Going back to gym. *grin*. Huge pat on the shoulder. Congrats kerana berjaya menarik diri semula to be back on the gerbil wheel and sweat it off like the rest of the world. I need all the stamina I can muster for the ehem ehem, something bigger to come. Mampukah?

2. Waxed. *grin grin*

3. Get my mom to help me clean the house *huge grin smacked on the face*. When all else fails I just have to call in the experts and my mom is an expert like none other, she wooped the house to shape in a jiffy. Phewh!!!!. I can't imagine me a supermom like that but who knows la kan??? Perhaps its in the genes and if I have amlost 3 decades of practice (like my mom do) then I could make it happen.

Heheheheh. Thanks ma. Me love you mucho. Ani too. Bobo too.

*one thing for sure, our (now) only cat loves my mom more than us. sob sob*

4. Catch up with humanity!!! Muahahahaah!!!

I went to the movies. Twice. Not alone. *ching ching*.

I had friday night dinner with Komala, Gan, Wen Chu and Kelly last week @ BSC's Vineria, and OMG, the lamb rack was smashing.

Not to forget they have the yummiest double layer ameretti in apple cake which is to die for.


The bill was to die for too. Eerk. But what the heck. We haven't been out for months.

*Okay, tipu la tu. 2 weeks before last Friday we were at Chinoz bidding farewell to Li Kai over pizza's and pasta's... pun a very yummy event*

Over the weekends, was at Matta Fair with Shahnaz, a wedding and Baby E's akikah at Melawati. Emmett is freaking cute. Bila tido pun sonyum jo, cair hatiku.

Tina, can I borrow him sometime???

Sorry, no pics of the baby. I was freaking lazy to snap photos especially bila muka macam kapal pecah pi kenduri umah orang kan. But seriously, that kiddo melt hearts.

I still have a lot of beautification work to do. Grrrr...well, least I have a few stuff sorted out.


Xuriana said...

awwww thanks for coming babe.. i plg suka part your mum promote her business to my mum.. super cute! hahhaha

Anonymous said...

Simply awesome. And here I thought my generation was the first to master dry wit. Seems I was wrong. ;)

R, Aaron
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