Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love is in the air???

Muahahahahah!!! Tajuk entry sangat tak boleh blah. But don't get too excited just yet, not before I introduce my new hottie obsession....

Mi amore!!! Hotness!!

I found his CD at Rock Corner @ Gardens while waiting for Nina to come over for dinner and gosh I'm smitten.

*Look at just how gorgeous he is!!! Oh yeah, drool. Sorry Buble honey you have to give dearie Patrizio a bit of space*

I simply fell in love with his cover version of Never, never, never.

Don't you just love that smile?


"No matter what you do you drive me crazy, I dreamt of you alone.....
But then I learnt my life would be so empty as soon as you were gone,
Impossible to live with you but I can never live without you,
For whatever you do,
I never never never wanna be in love with anyone but you...."


Love and be merry.



shasha said...

heh! jeles.....

dieya said...

the name doesn't ring a bell, tapi muka mcm pernah tengok. was he with il divo before?

Zuraida said...

jangan jeles. we can share!

eh ye la. i think so. hehehehe.

Triple R said...

OMG!!!!! MEMANG HENSEM!!!!!! Luckily I'm married... or else we have to share!!!! hehehehe....

Zuraida said...

Triple R,

there are no rules saying that we can't fantasize!