Friday, March 18, 2011

More earrings!!!

Its Friday, and gosh I am glad (phewh!!!) and though its mid-month and all, I get to do a little bit of (window?) shopping during the long lunch break. At first I was thinking of getting a new dress for tomorrow's birthday party but then hey, being stuck in the office with tonnes of coffee has its downside, it's not really that "friendly" on the body so i end up putting back all the dresses I picked up on the rack, made a (re)new(ed) pact to go to the gym (everyday? possible? no?) and get my pre-audit body back!

*sob sob! Iyolah tu! Silolah layankan ajo!*

While in the changing room (and being over judgy over my body) I realised that I need a hair cut too because my hair layers are all off (grr!!!) and despite already making an appointment at The Razor Edge @ OU for hair treatment (that comes with a free cut, mind you) on Sunday, I buzzed Peek-A-Boo's number and asked for Mi.

Saiko kah?

Oh yes. No point getting a free cut if later I will go running back to Mi to get it fixed. I don't have much hair to play around with anyway because I have to admit, its not that long. So there you go, 2 hair appointments in one weekend.


Oh I digressed.

Back to earrings.

So since I didn't get any new dresses, I decided on accessories, and just fell in love with Bonita's new collection...

There you goes straight on me.

I got a bigger version in black for tomorrow's party.

It shouldn't be over the top because I am planning to wear an embellished top, so the minimalistic black will be just nice.

Now I have to dig through my stuff and find appropriate bangles.


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