Friday, March 25, 2011

Who the hell say translating English to Bahasa Malaysia is easy??

My dad use to go bonkers when he saw my Bahasa Melayu PMR trial exam result. Back then his immediate response as soon as he saw the first line on my result slip was;

"Apa ni, orang melayu pun boleh dapat BM C ke?"


I simply dismiss it saying that trial exams are usually more difficult than the actual exam anyway, and thank God I aced the paper at the end.

But that was it. After I left high school I never bothered brushing on my Malay language skills, having opting for English medium to study my degree and profesional paper. Who would know that about 12 years after I left high school I have to sit on my desk, translating financial statements from English to Bahasa Melayu for publication purposes.

I have to say....hmmm....@$%^&%()*()I+%%#@!!!!!


Not that I suck big time at it. Its just freaking weird to transalate accounting jargons to the Malay languange when.....

...hedgeing becomes nilai lindung......

...fair value becomes nilai saksama.....

...asset past due becomes "aset lampau had"??? bukan aset tertunggak???....

In isolation, it sounds easy peasy and direct. Okayla, maybe thats why its easy to come up with a dictionary of accounting malay jargons. But then when you form words....


Menyesal dulu tak belajar Bahasa melayu betul betul. Macam mana nak sampai tahap mapan?


Hmm....that sounds out of context?

Okay, I have been translating for 2 days now and I am officially going bonkers.

Save me.

Note to those who think accountants only deal with numbers : You thought wrong.

We do translation words.


auntie elle said...

try translating opportunity cost.. hahahahhaha.. "kos melepas" sounds soooooo toooooott..

Zuraida said...

hahahhah! see, i told you some of it feels weird....