Saturday, April 30, 2011

Discount you will Love - RM8 off Back to Basic Skincare! (STICKY POST - ROLL FOR MORE UPDATES!)

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One set retails at RM158 (including shipping). With the discount, its yours for RM150.


Simply email with a screen shot of this page and the title "B2B Promo with zuesarin". Place in your order via the email.Offer last till 30 April 2011, so hurry up!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last Working Day....weehoo!!!! (2011)

Tak banyak idea nak buat tajuk apa so kena recycle tajuk lama. *grin*. Kalau kes memang every 2 tahun resign ha lagila selalu ada entry tajuk yang sama....hahaha....

Anyways.... is my last day in Cagamas.

It felt surreal. Finally. I get to leave.


Actually I have mixed feelings. But then I am human. I am weak to better opportunities laid bare upon me out there.

I have completed my sign off checklist and now I am just counting minutes to leave. Ngeh ngeh ngeh....soka. Kalau boleh cabut sekakrang pantas je aku blah kan. Hahahaha. Tapi tak boleh, jangan bersifat keji.

I got to get the week off till Labor Day and then new cycle starts.


We can look forward to more new and exciting things....

....a new job.

...the end of the 30 day blog post challenge . yeah yeah yeah, i hutang 5 lagi post. I know. Will try and do so before the end of the month.

....a mini weekend break to Port Dickson with my favourite gal pals. *huge hooray!*

....the extreme fitness challenge. *hohoho!!!!!*

...Singapore Sale trip (coming in June!).

So far that's it but I'm psych!

Adios. Wishing you all the best out there too!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 25 – Who am I?

I am a person of interest. Muahahahahh! Tetiba je. Macam criminal la pulak. Ni akibat terlebih banyak tengok cerita pretty little liars over the weekend.

I am a normal human being just like billion others on this planet. I have feelings. I have ups and downs. I might be fascinating to some and a total bore to others. I have love, lost love and found new ones.

Instead of babbling about me why don't we hear about it from all of you out there.

Drop a comment.

Who am I?


Lets have coffee while we're at it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cleaning up up and away....

I am really feeling on top of the world as I reached the final days at my existing employers office. Heaven okay when you can be tardy and no one even bothered to ask where you were and why you are late by a minute because seriously, I don't think anyone cares anymore. Hahahahah! Anyways, just received my exit forms and currently slowly ticking it off while cleaning off my desk of all the junk I've collected over the past 2 years.... time flies no?

I buried a pile of *shhoooohhhhh* for later, hahahhha, tapi takpe , I know they're more than able to clean it up when I am gone. I have been brushing up my taichi skill this past month anyway so its no surprise that not even a single person asked me to sign off on anything these days anymore....phewh.....I trained them well....hahahahah!

Okay, too much info.

By the way the drawers are empty. I am planning to empty out half of the desk tomorrow and do softcopy clean ups while I am at it. Hopefully I have enough disk space for all my work because I have to admit, being a tv series buff takes up a huge amount of hard disk space on the external drive and I didn't get a new hard drive just because I decided to leave so crossing my fingers that I have ample room for at least my music and my pictures.


2 days and counting. Ahhhh, can't wait for the Labor Day break.


Day 24 – A photo of something that means a lot to me.

My Family.

We bicker, we fight, we go at each others throat but then I won't trade them for anything in the world.

Love you lots. Though maybe I didn't say much to make you notice the obvious.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 23 – 15 facts about me.

I have been stalling this entry because I simply can't gage what to write. It's kinda boring to reveal the obvious, and I don't wish to reveal to much either....


Still, its part of the 30 day challenge so here it goes....

1. Love to start the day with a smile.

I believe a day that starts with a smile can be a start to a very good day ahead and the simplest gesture is so infectious, it made others have a great day too. So smile on.

2. Still trying to find my inner peace.

In some way yoga helps. It calms me. So I try to practice as much as I can, though I have to say that I am not quite disciplined.

3. I am human. I forget a lot of things, but I am blessed that the good things that mattered are still with me till today.

4. I try to take a lot of things positively. In many ways, this help me to be unbiased to a point that some people thinks that I am borderline naive.

Still....don't take things at face value. I just don't judge. Don't take it as stupidity.

5. People think I don't care much about others or whats happening to the world but seriously, deep inside I do. There are times when people lash at me and think hey, lets just drill her more because she won't feel the pain anyway, she acts as if she doesn't care but then I suppose you only see my coping mechanism....the one that veils the pain and make me look strong.

The "I-don't-care-what-you-do-coz-it-won't-break-me" veil.


But then its true.

It could sting. I could pretend strong. Then when all hell is over I do came up strong.

You get to lash out. I get to build character. Win-win.


6. Just because you talk about me behind my back doesn't mean I don't know about it. And yes, the mean comments too.

*tetiba? relates to 4 and 5 actually*

But its okay. I understand. I forgive you. Life is too short for hate and resentment, lets kiss and make up and make the world a better place.

7. Missed Izzy my black kitty cat a lot. Now I understand why some people still look at photos of their cat. Sigh. My feelings towards the old furball is irreplaceable.

Comelkan dia????

*sob sob*

8. Thinks that everyone deserves a second chance but then the recipient shouldn't expect too much out of second chances because it may not be as good as the one that you earlier had. Sometimes we have high expectations over things because you miss the things that you use to have. People try too hard when they get a second chance it ruins all hope for different opportunities. The future can be better if not plagued by old memories, so second chances should be about making a fresh start, not rekindling old memoirs.

9. Its not easy to let go of something that you care but if its never meant to be why hold on to it? Set it free...if it comes back, its yours.

10. Miss my weekend breakfast sessions with Tina at Bangsar. Sigh. Those were the good old days....

11. Hates the fact that I am developing wrinkles and dark circle in record breaking time. Gone are the days when I can easily cheat 10 years off my actual age. grrrr.....

12. Have this utmost sense of loyalty to my employers even when I just sign on for a month. Lepas tu macam gila nak prove my self-worthiness and justify that I deserve the role I am assigned to than any other. Eventually after 2 years I start to seek for self-actualisation, and then I demand more and my loyalty can start to be open to question.


13. Believes that there's not enough pampering in the world for a girl and that every girl deserves a pampering go treat your cuticles, do facials, have that jacuzzi bath or simply relax by the girls deserve it!

*hahahahah!!! that's to justify my recent excessive self pampering mode!*

14. Still experience major wardrobe malfunction and secretly wishing for a personal stylist with unlimited supplies of shoes, bags, clothes, make-up and accessories to be available 24-7 and can turn me to a supergourgeous human being in a jiffy. Alas that only happens to movie stars and my mom never teach me to act and become a movie star when I was young because I suppose all parents think that its better to bring home good grade because it promises a solid future.

In a way my parents have a point. My existing career path does give me a solid livelihood. I just wish it came with something more.

*gosh, how you wish you have millions per movie?*

15. During my last interview (or if you call it an interview) my referrer referred me as " what you see is what you get". I wished he puffed it with "added bonus of good attitude...bla...bla....bla...." hahahaha!!!! But then I suppose that's true. I hate backstabbing office politics , I love to simply being able to do my job very well and have fun while I am at it.

Phewh. There you go. 15 facts. Heheheheh! Not as bad as I have expected it to go. What's your 15 facts?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Saturday People!

I have a grin from ear to ear. I woke up and had breakfast, and immediately after had a 2 hour scrub and massage session at Amante @ Aman Suria. All is good and now I am sipping my mocha frappucino while waiting for my 3.30pm movie.

Such bliss.

I decided to just relax today and have fun. I even went to a few shops in OU and checked out some of the arrivals that is simply to die for at TopShop, DP, Jaspal, Forever 21 and Warehouse. Heheheh... dah pasang angan-angan on a few tops that I want to get in conjuction with moving to my new office. *grin*. Yeah. Its official now. I have tendered my resignation, already towards the end of my notice period (which will end this coming Thursday, triple hooray!!!!) and will be looking forward to a new job right after the Labor Day holiday break.

Sublime ain't it.

In a way I feel blessed. This year had kicked off very well and had been kind to me so far. Better still if things goes as planned things will get better towards the end of the year. I can't thank God more for everything that I have gained so far. My only regret is that I can't take the planned holidays to Brisbane as I have planned for this year, since jumping to a new company meant no long breaks till sometime after the end of the confirmation period (which is after raya by the way, 6 months confirmation period is freaking long I have to say) so all holiday plans have to be put on hold.

So look out for mini breaks within driving distance. A few had already been lined up.....PD for the labor day weekend, Singapore in early june, kuching again for the rainforest festival in July and hopefully, I can squeeze Kuantan somewhere in between all those *wink wink*.

Okay, better pack up. The show is starting soon.


Friday, April 22, 2011


1. The last post was not meant for "the ex's". I had a few people buzzed me earlier on who's the letter was intended to in the first place. FYI, the ex's is old news....this X is more recent.

2. Yeah, I've grown more mature and let go of certain things that are just not worth it. This is one of them. *wink wink*

3. Contemplating on whether I should get the Dorothy Koompson books when I have 3 Julia Quinn next to my bed untouched? I come to like her writing, it makes me float mid air. I feel like buying all of DK's books, which is absurd. Am I spellbound?

4. Looking forward to the Labour Day holidays for a quickie break by the beach with my favourite gal pals. Sun, sea,sand and.....ribena!!! Yeay!!!

Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt me recently.

Dear X,

As I sit and write this letter I will be spending my last final days (at wherever I am now) and looking forward to greener pastures. I know, the grass always always looks greener on the other side but then this is best for all of us, before I become a monster and lose all trace of humanity to a point that everyone would hate me and somewhat the pain, then someday define me.

I admit that I have been angry. Hurt. Disappointed. Perhaps I expected more from you, equal expectation laid to others before you who had so far had never disappointed me and till to date, admired and respected. Perhaps the expectation is too high for you to manage, and constant disappointment and frustration later turned to somewhat borderline disrespect. I know it had been hard for you, and there are times that you tried to make it better. But I can't take the backstabbing and the lies anymore. I am not that person you made me today.

I retaliated. I fought back as subtle as I could. In the process we both hurt each other.


I want to put this behind me. I think its not worth my time and energy (and every little bit of karma that hung around me) to be in hate and anger. Perhaps someday we can sit on a table and push the facade that we put on our faces away and simply laugh over things and it'll all be dandy and different.

So I am letting it go.

I am pushing forward and leaving this behind, I will take the learning points that I can carry on in my future....and hope to forever forget that all this had ever happen between us. And for the life's lesson you had given me, I would like to thank you. Because despite of the disappointment, anger, frustration and pain..... tested my patience and gave me a chance on how to deal with it..... pushed me to my limits and make me more resourceful.... made me more cautious of the people around me and more sensitive towards others.... humbled me with experience....

...and you made me realise that I can be more than what I am today, improving my confidence and self worth.

Whats obvious is that you took me out of a safe cocoon and teach me how to fly. The experience is not a beautiful one, nevertheless I should be grateful. Perhaps God sent me your way so that I would learn the hard way.

I sincerely mean it now when I say thank you.

I wish both of us the best. Hopefully the same experience will some day make you a better person.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 21 – A photo of something that makes me happy.

*grining from ear to ear thinking about the Chlow Paraty*

I know, at times its kinda lame that a handbag can make a person happy but think about it, I am so not a gadget freak, so its quite understandable if I have an obsession over bags.

Just look at how nice it looks....

*cantek kan cantek kan???*

It was out for quite some time now (yeah, since 2008) but its still at Net-A-Porter and they just came up with a new color.

I still like it in the classic black and dark brown.

*Look, even Kim K has one!!!*

Sape la nak belikan aku satu ni???

*raised one eyebrow*

Kenapakah JJ buat members sale time akhir-akhir bulan ni??

Keji kan?

Nevertheless , aku insan yang lemah. At the end I pun sama jugak macam beribu-ribu rakyat Malaysia lain yang sama-sama membanjiri JJ @ Mid Valley. Af first ingat nak cuci mata je. For the first hour I manage to do just that till Ika took me to the shoe section and I found this....

*the classic black pump - not exactly a Pierre Hardy but NYC instead with moc croc details - slashed to only RM76 and looks so uber delicious on my feet*


Again. I am weak indeed.

To come to think of it I need new working shoes anyway and I am due to hunt for office attire with Tina on the 29th (my only day off - mind you) so getting a pair now will just make it easier, less stuff to hunt and cross out of my shopping list next Friday.

*grin - excuses women make to keep on buying stuff*

But seriously, I am loving it.

Members sale is still on till the end of the day. Its still not too late ladies.....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random thoughts in my head at the moment

I have been bloghopping all day with the hopes that I might find something amusing to read. Yeap, I did find some interesting bits, which kept me busy till about 3pm when I finally realised that...

*oops....what have I been doing again?*

I still have loads to clear from my desk, and papers to shred, and files to put off....and queries to answer to.


Banyaknye benda nak buat.

What the hell am I...superwoman?

Its raining like a mad dog outside and at 31st floor I can see clearly signs of thunder and the clouds that has turned grey.

Abisla, tak boleh balik awal hari ni. Mesti jam tak hengat.


As I typed I felt grateful over the trial CellLab whitening mask slabbed on my hands because hands are much nicer now. Its soft again after last weekends damage while cleaning the toilet....

*nobody told me that I should use gloves*

In which I should invest on.

What? The glove or the mask you ask?

I was thinking of both. But the whitening mask cost over RM200 per bottle. Sigh. Is it worth it? The promoter say it can also be used on puffy eyes and drafk circles and it work wonders....can I trust that?

I am saving for Singapore in June and the sound of a pricey miracle creme is such a splurge.

On the other hand I wont mind spending if it makes me as flawless as this....

*seriously, how did she turn into this beauty? I still have her in mind like Lizzie McGuire. Duh.*

I am looking for.....

1. Pore minimiser
2. Miracle eye cream (oh still hunting hunting hunting)
3. Scar potions. Oh I need dire help with scarring on my legs.
4. Any good stuff out there?

Holler me. I am in the mood to try, so buzz me with suggestions please.

Now I should go back to cleaning working.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 20 – The meaning behind my blog name.

I suppose my blog name is self explanatory, its mostly rantings about me, me and me.


Its a bit one sided though- because my blog is set up for purely my very own personal interest. Back then its an outlet to vent out my feelings and frustrations, and document my joys and laughter simply to remind me that I am human after all and that I have feelings. It doesn't mean that I wrote down everything....God knows that what I wrote is merely a speck of whats happening to me in my life but then its enough to share. I don't expect people to get me most of the time, don't expect people to understand me either.


To come to think of it I have been clogging for a while now, since 2007 when back then I was a frequent writer in my friendster blog. I think since then my writing had somewhat changed. I suppose I get more matured over time, people learn new things, experience more.....

Despite all odds looking back over my rantings over the past so-and-so years I realised that my life is not bad after all. I loved and is loved, lived my life to the fullest, had (and still having) fun and am truly blessed.

I am glad I did start ranting.

Thank you dear blog. To many more years of writing (hopefully).

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Gelish Polish experience

This is one experience I would love to share!!! I am so amazed over the new Gelish polish, it dries in a jiffy and I have to say I am definitely loving it!!

Some time last February I bought a voucher from for a mani pedi session @ Nail Harmony (located at Dataran Sunway) which offers 50% off the Gelish polish.

I only manage to get some time 5 days before the voucher expire......apparently it was like goreng pisang panas...macam mana I tak excited nak try it out??

What is Gelish polish??

Well girls, say hello to the new revolutionary nail polish in the market....the gel polish that dries in a jiffy and won't chip or fade for 21 days....

Seriously??? Is there such a thing?

Oh yes baby. Such thing exist and boy its the answer to all our nail woes.

With gelish polish gone are the worries of smudges, or crack or chip...and what I love most is it makes the nails stronger and healthier compared to the average nail polish, so hell yeah I am loving it.
The gel polish is applied in 5 coats (including base and top coat) and in between application, dried under UV lights for about 10 to 15 seconds. Once dried under the UV light the color hardens instantly...and can immediately go through your handbags smudge-worry free sebab trust me, it hardens so fast buat la ganas macam mana pun it won't go wrong!!

*oh heavennya...kalau tak selalu je takut nanti kuku rosak...then kena buat balik....lagi sakit hati kalau dah balik then tengah driving tetiba smudge....demmit demmit demmit*

I was lucky that despite missing 2 appointments (because I woke up late), Kaka Lam, the owner still manage to fit me in for the mani pedi session yesterday night. The place is not that hard to find, as soon as I got the directions to the salon I manage to find the place almost instantly.

The place is lovely. I love the decor and the comfy plush chairs at the pedicure place, its exactly like the ones they have at Amante and its really really comfortable.

I was seated at the far right sofa and got to enjoy the movies they had on on their LCD tv while getting my nails done, how cool is that?

I opted for the normal color for my pedicure, but paid my extra RM60 for my gelish polish (after 50% off) and was happy to learn that they are on promotion that day so I can get 2 polish for RM120 and a bunch of vouchers for my next visit.

Bila dengar boleh buy 1 free 1 sape tak teruja??


Anyways, the 2 hours flew by just like that as I had fun watching Chuck and Larry and She's the Man while getting my nails done, and was accompanied by another friendly customer who chatted with me while we both get our nails done.

OMG, first time a total stranger ever chatted with me during mani pedi. The ambience so cool and people so friendly, what more to ask?

Me (and the other girl) was the last to leave but we were so happy because I have to say, the finishing was very very nice.....

*sudah gelap*

My shiny new nails....

*tak sia-sia aku simpan kuku selama 3 minggu...grin*

Picture don't do the color justice, because its nude fawnlike color don't really stand out in photos but then hell, I love the way my nails look today....macam ada bintang-bintang atas kuku.

Will it live up to its expectation - no chip for 21 days?

Let's see - day 1 it feels as hard as it can be. If it chips I seek solace over the owner's guarantee that I can walk in anytime and get my nails fixed. She's so confident that it won't go wrong to a point that she can guarantee it for 3 weeks.

So what say you? Try it now! The same offer is still on at Milk-A-Deal, otherwise, Groupsmore is also offering a similar deal (manicure only) at Zaza salon in Kota Damansara for RM55.

Standard Gelish polish goes for an additional RM120 - RM150 at salons on top of the standard charges for mani or pedi (Nail Harmony goes for RM120 before discount for polish only, Amante goes for RM78 for first trial of polish only or RM135 at standard rate polish only) so yeah, if you find a bargain go for it because the polish ain't cheap.

Day 19 – A picture of something I want to do before I die

*To chill at St Regis Resort Bora - Bora*

Is it too much to ask? Too selfish???

I suppose you guys won't be interested in a bucket list anyway...


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 18 – 5 things that irritate ME about opposite/same sex

Do we have to be gender specific on these???

I don't want to be biased.

Let's just go with 5 things that irritates me about people in general. I have to stress though that my tolerance level is kinda high, and most time I only get irritated at times when these things are portrayed in heavy sikit-sikit takpe la kot?

1. Mengada -ngada

Hmm where do I begin?

I like people with a bit of spine. But then there are instances when people mengada-ngada a bit overboard. Terasa macam nak lempang je.




2.The know-it-all

In anything they do, they want to be the best. They know everything, even when they only did it once. Sigh. At times agak phatetic jugak la, sbb this people usually hangat-hangat taik ayam jugak la....after a while when the fad wears off they won't even remember a single thing they were raving about....

3. The lousy driver

This, you can definitely find many. Yang drive slow nak mati kat the utmost left lane when they should stick to the right to drive at 40km/h, the ones oblivious talking over the phone and simply don't care to give a signal to switch lanes, people who can't be bothered over other peoples safety on the road.....sampai yang "makan breakfast bubur dalam kereta" pun ada okay.....pastu kereta terhoyong hayang in early morning traffic.

Seriously people, don't be so selfish.


...what else?

Can't think of any right now.

Can we settle with 3?


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breaking wordless saturday.... *grin*

I have been taking a couple of days off because I have been feeling under the weather, its been a while now since I am actually down with a flu and this round it was a bit bad with the perpetual headache still lingering in my head. Sigh. Perhaps I should get the headaches checked. The lame "perhaps its just stress" excuse does not fly anymore, its starting to get me worried that this might be a simptom to something even worse.


For now let's just concentrate on getting better first. Once the demam is over we can go back to the doctors and scream for a brain scan or something, if need be.

The 2 day yoga class a week is doing me good. Some people I met over the past couple of days says I look better and somewhat more toned, despite the fact that the weighing scales did not budge an inch since the night out with Kom and Wen Chu last weekend. I got water retention problem since then, gosh I wished I had been more mindful that I am not as young as I use to be and excessive partying is not such a very good idea but then being human, I tend to forget.


Will keep that in mind next time.

I hope I will feel better tomorrow. I have breakfast with Tina (since we postponed today's bfast) and mani pedi at Nail Harmony tomorrow at noon. Gonna try the new Gellish polish and I am so excited over it.


Till then, have fun. One more day till the end of weekend, so have a good one!

Day 17 – How I hope my future will be like (WORDLESS SATURDAY!!!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 16 – Short term goals for this month and why

I could go off-track on my goals pretty fast....kalau tak percaya read my fitness blog...hahahaah...sampai hari ni takde update (oh keji sungguh) but then I should thank God (and the existence of PB) that somehow makes things a bit easier when I go overboard with my eating habits.

Oh I digress.

Recently things had gone a lot better. I finally get to have more "me" time and stay out of the office. This month I started going to yoga classes again to regain my strength and composure, and alhamdulillah I see progress though it had only been about 2 weeks.

*yes, I am now a bit more balanced. felt better.stronger*


So far I did 2 classes last week. I had my second class for this week yesterday....and I am hoping to get back to a 5 yoga classes a week routine by the end of next month.

And what I need to do is practice, practice and practice.

It humbles me everytime I find it difficult to bend my body and flex to a certain pose. Yet every bit of sweet is like an adrenaline rush I have never felt before, and lately at the end of every class, I can't help but feel even more energised.

I like the feeling.

So its a good thing to practice more.

Besides, I need the stamina for my extreme fitness challenge coming next month.

*wink wink*

Stay tune!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 15 – Something I don’t leave the house without.


Hahahahah! Would that count? Like ever?

I suppose I can't leave the house without my set of keys - the house keys, the car keys and the parking pass. That's a must, because I diligently lock up the house and I won't go out without my car (unless someone picks me up).

Then I will have my wallet (oh nyawaku) and my handphone (another nyawaku). God knows how the invention of Iphone had turned me into a techno freak and how I can't keep my hands off it because I consistently need my FB/blog/email fix. Screw the rest of the world, I'm cool when I have my Iphone with me.

*okay that doesn't apply where there's no wifi or 3G access. Perhaps I'll die. Hmmm....Encik Digi....can you make sure you have access at least at the islands???*

What else what else?

Thats basically it.

I'm not that crazy over make-up. I can live without it.

I don't have a jewellery I need to wear 24-7 either.

And I am not picky over the clothes I wear.



So easy going and low maintenance. Itu pun ramai orang complain lagi.


Oh, I won't leave the house without a shoe.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Its been a long time since I last cooked kan?

I think the last time I seriously did cooking was back in 2008/2009. I wrote a while back how I lost my cooking mojo over depression and how things have gone from "edible" to "taste really really bad" and thnak God that recently I get to have my mojo back because I have been cooking for over 2 weeks now and yeay, it's not only edible taste really really good that I am addicted to my own cooking already.

Hahahah. Seriously.

I have to admit that I haven't progressed to master chef yet. My cooking is pretty basic and simple. But then a lil bit goes a long way, I have to start somewhere some time kan?

Anyways, I don't cook alone. Bobo likes to accompany me in the kitchen. Most of the time he would be waiting next to the cooking stove while I prep the stuff ready.

But then last weekend dia merajuk kejap sebab Kak Julia nak jadikan dia he left the kitchen and went straight to his favourite box...

*kotak yang separuh nak roboh dah kena cakar ngan Bobo*

Well, over the past week my dish was mainly everything masak sambal.....ikan goreng bawal masak sambal, ayam goreng sambal, sotong masak sambal - mainly because I spent an hour the other weekend to make this....

*my very own sambal paste*

My sambal paste comprise a mix of tomatoes, red chillies, dried chillies, onions and garlic blended to a paste and cooked with oil. I made a container full of this paste for cooking and refrigerated it so that as and when I feel like cooking, I can just take it out of the fridge and dish it in a pan.

FYI its great for making fried rice to.

I just have to say I loveeeeee the chilli paste. Hahahaha. Its officially my favourite paste and I am making more of it to keep it in the fridge. Whatever type of masak sambal, I simply scoop a sum of the paste and voila....

*ambik ko sambal sotong in action*

Having the paste ready in the fridge means a lot of cooking time saved.


I also mastered the art of frying my very own sayur goreng ikan masin....


You guys must be alughing your socks at me right now for bragging about cooking this but hey, ada orang makan sampai 2 pinggan okay (and its not me!!!) and my sister said it really does taste good so...


Lepas ni boleh belajar masak lomak pulak yo.

Day 14 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.

Can you believe that I download about 50 episodes of tv series every week?

And so believe. That's 50 hours every week glued to my 10 inch laptop screen - I so need to start saving and invest in a HD TV.

I have a recent obsession to the undead.

Okay. Its nothing recent. It reflects in books (Twilight, The Undead series, The Fallen series) as well, and I have been hooked to Angel since way back then so it seems natural that I moved on to the latest fad in Vampire series....

*The Vampire Diaries, now airing Season 2*

But that episodes are sugarcoated. Want to go darker with a lil bit more drama?

Well, try and get a taste of this....

*Being Human - The UK Version*

It tells a story of a vampire Mitchell who's trying to get off blood, with his sidekick George the werewolf, and a ghost Annie.

All three trying their best to be as normal - as human- as possible.


I was hooked by the end of Season 2, and was all so gratefull coz they already aired Season 3 where they have....

* Nina - the other werewolf*

How ironic is it that you have a pair of werewolves and you name them George and Nina?

I love the suspense and drama, but then again vampire series is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea. What intrigues me is that the episodes play a lot of scenes with such emotion, I don't feel a tiny bit as the hour passed by and still wants more.

They have a spin off with a US version....

*same character different cast?*

I have yet to view and pass a verdict but then we'll see, perhaps I can slot some time over the weekends.

Say bye to Gossip Girls.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coming soon - Zuraida's Extreme Fitness Challenge!

Thanks to deal sites like MyDeals and Groupsmore, I am bringing to you something to look forward to in May and June 2011. What's the big huha you say???

Its my very own fitness challenge!!!!


Ho yeah, you guys must be rolling on the floor saying that I'm freaking myself out and I am doomed to fail after my first class but here I am, just like I am committed to my 30 days blog challenge , challengeing myself to post detail accounts on my journey completing these two fitness vouchers I have recently purchased....

For RM28 this is a great bargain, becaus people usually pay close to RM300 for a months session and even if you sign up for personal training, RM100 plus per session. So this is as cheap as it can gets. I was lured with the curiosity of how challengeing it can be, noting a friend that says she can lose about 10 kilos and shape up within the month, so hell, RM28 is a small fare even cheaper than a one-trial cost.

And so I bought a voucher and had just recently signed up.

I start on 3rd may. Class every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Follow me in May 2011 for day to day account on (what most probably the most gruesome) workout. I hope I can carry my camera and the instructors is as cute as my friend claim.

Recently I find another deal on Groupsmore that I like....

*unlimited yoga classes at My Yoga Sanctuary @ Damansara Perdana for RM28*

I suppose 28 is my lucky number. All th e deals are on for RM28.

After BeYoga I have been hunting for another yoga joint that can offer me the bliss I use to have at BeYoga. Shame on me for not being a disciplined avid yogi. Selalu miss class. Now that its no longer there I yearn for it, simply because I never found a place who has the same attention to detail when it comes to being in the yoga class.

And since Yoga Santuary has the same instructor as BeYoga, I couldn't miss the chance to grab the deal and try it out myself.

*Azmi Samdjaga - founder and instructor @ Yoga Sanctuary - picture credit to*

I have never been to Azmi's class back in BeYoga because from the looks of it, it was simply brutal. But perhaps I should, so from now on I better buck up on my basics, so that when I do go to his classes in June 2011 (oh yeah, I plan to start once I completed the bootcamp) I will be at least physically ready to bend my muscles and flex my body under the instruction of one of the countries top yoga instructor.

*beautiful isn't it?? - picture credit to*

The deal is still on. Just log on to and get your vouchers, maybe we can even meet in class!

Stay on this page and follow my journey!!!!!

Omg, terasa nak lempang je sim card ni.....

Sebab memang sangat tak boleh blah!!!

Scary pun ada.


That hairstyle memang creepy. At first I just didn't get it and went wth??? But then later baru I paham "Bieber Fever" ropanya.

Itupun after I saw that crappy ad at the movies of a bunch of peeps in reds dancing to a Bieber tun.


And what makes it more scary?

Its all over the mall!!!

Imagine tengah tengah malam takde apa tetiba nampak benda ni je.


Day 13 – A picture of my favorite band or artist

This is a tough one. I love music. And I am not a crazy bug fan over a particular artist/band, so I relied on my ITunes and assumed that the most played song recently to be awrded the title of "My favourite asrtist".


And so it goes to....

* Christian Bautista*

*cricket cricket*

Never heard of him.

Shame on you, you should. This guy has the voice of an angel reincarnated in the body of a super cute guy.


Let me recall you to the latest song that have been going on-and-on in my playlist. Click here.

He's such a hottie, look at how cute he is with the ladies...

*Christian and Carmen Soo....yes, its our Carmen Soo*

And if you favour a dose of Christian ala Melayu....listen up....

You think dia boleh lawan Anuar Zain? Bagi gegar sikit with Sedetik Lebih???

But then I suppose we all want a lil bit more of his manly goodness don't we?

*ohhhh la la!!!!!*

Enough eye candy for today girls?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Friday Night Out with the Girls & The F1 Official Lounge Party @ Pulse KL

It has been a while since we all chilled and hang out (okayla tipu....last month we had a series of farewell parties for Li Kai that remain unblogged about because I was super busy) and we finally get to go out and utilised our MyDeal vouchers for free flow mojito and tapas at La Bomba @ Starhill last Friday.

So there we were, 3 of us (Komala, Wen chu and I) all looking forward for a night out after a long weekend at work...

*yeah, lately everything was pretty long and tiring, its just great to finally kickback and relax*

It was oblivious to me and Wen Chu that its also the F1 weekend (duh!!!! tren lambat la kami ni!) and that the rain and the concert at KLCC is creating a massive traffic at Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang. Sigh. Gilo, camano ni???

So our after work drinks started 2 hours late (Wen Chu and I only managed to get to Starhill after 8pm) but we got there anyway....

There you go, belum apa-apa dia dah sibuk texting. Orang dah nak ada bf baru I suppose??


Anyhow it was suppose to be a salsa outing....but none of us dance salsa. Hahahahah. While we awed over the people on the dance floor, we simply sit back and relax and enjoyed the finger food and catch up.

Oh I had so much fun. We missed out a lot! Of course, there's free flow (virgin) mojitos served.....


*okay, show off*

After a while we got tired of watching and we did wish to move our feet so we club-hopped.

Ohh goody....when was the last time we did that again??? Vietnam???

*tetiba rasa tua kejap*

Not that far though. We went across the road to Pulse...

Where they are having this.....

*you just gotta love the fact that one of the girls is with the official sponsor*


The music was smashing. They have two DJ's spinning beats so cool I don't want to leave the place. Anyways, the other sponsor for the night's event was Tiffany's and guess what....

*they have a tree with blue boxes!!!! How cute is that???*

Did I tell you I love the music???

*oh spot the new Coach necklace on me!!!*

Wen Chu lost tonnes of weight. She had been jogging everyday and oh she look so good I am getting envious. Itu la, sape suruh malas-malas dok terperuk je kat ofis???

Petang ni sila jangan lupa pergi kelas yoga please.

Because its a private event we don't even have to bother getting a table because there's reserved tables everywhere. We picked up a spot at the centre of the club, nearby the DJ so we can enjoy the music more and while Komala was busy talking to guests, Wen Chu and I took more pictures....

I do the craziest things with these two.

Had a great time. And its been a long while.