Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breaking wordless saturday.... *grin*

I have been taking a couple of days off because I have been feeling under the weather, its been a while now since I am actually down with a flu and this round it was a bit bad with the perpetual headache still lingering in my head. Sigh. Perhaps I should get the headaches checked. The lame "perhaps its just stress" excuse does not fly anymore, its starting to get me worried that this might be a simptom to something even worse.


For now let's just concentrate on getting better first. Once the demam is over we can go back to the doctors and scream for a brain scan or something, if need be.

The 2 day yoga class a week is doing me good. Some people I met over the past couple of days says I look better and somewhat more toned, despite the fact that the weighing scales did not budge an inch since the night out with Kom and Wen Chu last weekend. I got water retention problem since then, gosh I wished I had been more mindful that I am not as young as I use to be and excessive partying is not such a very good idea but then being human, I tend to forget.


Will keep that in mind next time.

I hope I will feel better tomorrow. I have breakfast with Tina (since we postponed today's bfast) and mani pedi at Nail Harmony tomorrow at noon. Gonna try the new Gellish polish and I am so excited over it.


Till then, have fun. One more day till the end of weekend, so have a good one!

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