Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coming soon - Zuraida's Extreme Fitness Challenge!

Thanks to deal sites like MyDeals and Groupsmore, I am bringing to you something to look forward to in May and June 2011. What's the big huha you say???

Its my very own fitness challenge!!!!


Ho yeah, you guys must be rolling on the floor saying that I'm freaking myself out and I am doomed to fail after my first class but here I am, just like I am committed to my 30 days blog challenge , challengeing myself to post detail accounts on my journey completing these two fitness vouchers I have recently purchased....

For RM28 this is a great bargain, becaus people usually pay close to RM300 for a months session and even if you sign up for personal training, RM100 plus per session. So this is as cheap as it can gets. I was lured with the curiosity of how challengeing it can be, noting a friend that says she can lose about 10 kilos and shape up within the month, so hell, RM28 is a small fare even cheaper than a one-trial cost.

And so I bought a voucher and had just recently signed up.

I start on 3rd may. Class every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Follow me in May 2011 for day to day account on (what most probably the most gruesome) workout. I hope I can carry my camera and the instructors is as cute as my friend claim.

Recently I find another deal on Groupsmore that I like....

*unlimited yoga classes at My Yoga Sanctuary @ Damansara Perdana for RM28*

I suppose 28 is my lucky number. All th e deals are on for RM28.

After BeYoga I have been hunting for another yoga joint that can offer me the bliss I use to have at BeYoga. Shame on me for not being a disciplined avid yogi. Selalu miss class. Now that its no longer there I yearn for it, simply because I never found a place who has the same attention to detail when it comes to being in the yoga class.

And since Yoga Santuary has the same instructor as BeYoga, I couldn't miss the chance to grab the deal and try it out myself.

*Azmi Samdjaga - founder and instructor @ Yoga Sanctuary - picture credit to yogasanc.com*

I have never been to Azmi's class back in BeYoga because from the looks of it, it was simply brutal. But perhaps I should, so from now on I better buck up on my basics, so that when I do go to his classes in June 2011 (oh yeah, I plan to start once I completed the bootcamp) I will be at least physically ready to bend my muscles and flex my body under the instruction of one of the countries top yoga instructor.

*beautiful isn't it?? - picture credit to yogasanc.com*

The deal is still on. Just log on to Groupsmore.com and get your vouchers, maybe we can even meet in class!

Stay on this page and follow my journey!!!!!


niQue_naQ said...

ooo my frend signed up for the bootcamp nie! its near pj old town sana...mcm menarik, its like military training la kan? hehe u go first nanti review tau! :p :p

Zuraida said...

dear nique_naq,

of course, sure!!! I just hope i won't bail midway sebab kepenatan....i ni lembik sikit tak suka orang push push...