Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 13 – A picture of my favorite band or artist

This is a tough one. I love music. And I am not a crazy bug fan over a particular artist/band, so I relied on my ITunes and assumed that the most played song recently to be awrded the title of "My favourite asrtist".


And so it goes to....

* Christian Bautista*

*cricket cricket*

Never heard of him.

Shame on you, you should. This guy has the voice of an angel reincarnated in the body of a super cute guy.


Let me recall you to the latest song that have been going on-and-on in my playlist. Click here.

He's such a hottie, look at how cute he is with the ladies...

*Christian and Carmen Soo....yes, its our Carmen Soo*

And if you favour a dose of Christian ala Melayu....listen up....

You think dia boleh lawan Anuar Zain? Bagi gegar sikit with Sedetik Lebih???

But then I suppose we all want a lil bit more of his manly goodness don't we?

*ohhhh la la!!!!!*

Enough eye candy for today girls?


n i e z a said...

I don't really care if he can sing when he has a body like THAT! :p

Zuraida said...

oh don't worry darling he can definitely sing alright...