Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 14 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.

Can you believe that I download about 50 episodes of tv series every week?

And so believe. That's 50 hours every week glued to my 10 inch laptop screen - I so need to start saving and invest in a HD TV.

I have a recent obsession to the undead.

Okay. Its nothing recent. It reflects in books (Twilight, The Undead series, The Fallen series) as well, and I have been hooked to Angel since way back then so it seems natural that I moved on to the latest fad in Vampire series....

*The Vampire Diaries, now airing Season 2*

But that episodes are sugarcoated. Want to go darker with a lil bit more drama?

Well, try and get a taste of this....

*Being Human - The UK Version*

It tells a story of a vampire Mitchell who's trying to get off blood, with his sidekick George the werewolf, and a ghost Annie.

All three trying their best to be as normal - as human- as possible.


I was hooked by the end of Season 2, and was all so gratefull coz they already aired Season 3 where they have....

* Nina - the other werewolf*

How ironic is it that you have a pair of werewolves and you name them George and Nina?

I love the suspense and drama, but then again vampire series is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea. What intrigues me is that the episodes play a lot of scenes with such emotion, I don't feel a tiny bit as the hour passed by and still wants more.

They have a spin off with a US version....

*same character different cast?*

I have yet to view and pass a verdict but then we'll see, perhaps I can slot some time over the weekends.

Say bye to Gossip Girls.



dieya said...

i'm so outdated when it comes to tv series. balik2 tengok CSI, grey's and desp hsewives. yg lain tak terikut dah.

Zuraida said...

I pulak kalau boleh semua nak tengok. hahaahaha....