Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 16 – Short term goals for this month and why

I could go off-track on my goals pretty fast....kalau tak percaya read my fitness blog...hahahaah...sampai hari ni takde update (oh keji sungguh) but then I should thank God (and the existence of PB) that somehow makes things a bit easier when I go overboard with my eating habits.

Oh I digress.

Recently things had gone a lot better. I finally get to have more "me" time and stay out of the office. This month I started going to yoga classes again to regain my strength and composure, and alhamdulillah I see progress though it had only been about 2 weeks.

*yes, I am now a bit more balanced. felt better.stronger*


So far I did 2 classes last week. I had my second class for this week yesterday....and I am hoping to get back to a 5 yoga classes a week routine by the end of next month.

And what I need to do is practice, practice and practice.

It humbles me everytime I find it difficult to bend my body and flex to a certain pose. Yet every bit of sweet is like an adrenaline rush I have never felt before, and lately at the end of every class, I can't help but feel even more energised.

I like the feeling.

So its a good thing to practice more.

Besides, I need the stamina for my extreme fitness challenge coming next month.

*wink wink*

Stay tune!

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