Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 20 – The meaning behind my blog name.

I suppose my blog name is self explanatory, its mostly rantings about me, me and me.


Its a bit one sided though- because my blog is set up for purely my very own personal interest. Back then its an outlet to vent out my feelings and frustrations, and document my joys and laughter simply to remind me that I am human after all and that I have feelings. It doesn't mean that I wrote down everything....God knows that what I wrote is merely a speck of whats happening to me in my life but then its enough to share. I don't expect people to get me most of the time, don't expect people to understand me either.


To come to think of it I have been clogging for a while now, since 2007 when back then I was a frequent writer in my friendster blog. I think since then my writing had somewhat changed. I suppose I get more matured over time, people learn new things, experience more.....

Despite all odds looking back over my rantings over the past so-and-so years I realised that my life is not bad after all. I loved and is loved, lived my life to the fullest, had (and still having) fun and am truly blessed.

I am glad I did start ranting.

Thank you dear blog. To many more years of writing (hopefully).


dieya said...

cheers to many years of writing!

Zuraida said...

Dear Dieya,

to many more years of blogging to you too!!