Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt me recently.

Dear X,

As I sit and write this letter I will be spending my last final days (at wherever I am now) and looking forward to greener pastures. I know, the grass always always looks greener on the other side but then this is best for all of us, before I become a monster and lose all trace of humanity to a point that everyone would hate me and somewhat the pain, then someday define me.

I admit that I have been angry. Hurt. Disappointed. Perhaps I expected more from you, equal expectation laid to others before you who had so far had never disappointed me and till to date, admired and respected. Perhaps the expectation is too high for you to manage, and constant disappointment and frustration later turned to somewhat borderline disrespect. I know it had been hard for you, and there are times that you tried to make it better. But I can't take the backstabbing and the lies anymore. I am not that person you made me today.

I retaliated. I fought back as subtle as I could. In the process we both hurt each other.


I want to put this behind me. I think its not worth my time and energy (and every little bit of karma that hung around me) to be in hate and anger. Perhaps someday we can sit on a table and push the facade that we put on our faces away and simply laugh over things and it'll all be dandy and different.

So I am letting it go.

I am pushing forward and leaving this behind, I will take the learning points that I can carry on in my future....and hope to forever forget that all this had ever happen between us. And for the life's lesson you had given me, I would like to thank you. Because despite of the disappointment, anger, frustration and pain..... tested my patience and gave me a chance on how to deal with it..... pushed me to my limits and make me more resourceful.... made me more cautious of the people around me and more sensitive towards others.... humbled me with experience....

...and you made me realise that I can be more than what I am today, improving my confidence and self worth.

Whats obvious is that you took me out of a safe cocoon and teach me how to fly. The experience is not a beautiful one, nevertheless I should be grateful. Perhaps God sent me your way so that I would learn the hard way.

I sincerely mean it now when I say thank you.

I wish both of us the best. Hopefully the same experience will some day make you a better person.



Ad Adnan said...

Well written & beautifully put ;)

Zuraida said...

thanks ad!

dieya said...

i totally admire your positive attitude.
kudos babe!

shasha said...

hmmm....i wonder~

Zuraida said...

Dear Dieya,

well, no point hurting ourselves, might as well look at the silver linings kan....


Zuraida said...


wonder away. hahaahahh!