Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 25 – Who am I?

I am a person of interest. Muahahahahh! Tetiba je. Macam criminal la pulak. Ni akibat terlebih banyak tengok cerita pretty little liars over the weekend.

I am a normal human being just like billion others on this planet. I have feelings. I have ups and downs. I might be fascinating to some and a total bore to others. I have love, lost love and found new ones.

Instead of babbling about me why don't we hear about it from all of you out there.

Drop a comment.

Who am I?


Lets have coffee while we're at it.


dieya said...

u r the hot chick that i know from high school. smart. opinionated. witty. great fashion sense.
cukup? nak lagi? :-D

Zuraida said...

ada lagi ke dieya?