Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 5 – What makes me different from everyone else?

Omg, the title sounds like a selling point. Its like the standard question an interviewer would ask during an interview, and someway womehow the person sitting at the one will desperately try their best to answer that simple (yet lame) question to the satisfaction of the potential employer.

* could I express it in words?*

Why should I be judged in my own blog???


I suppose I am no different than any other girl, because what makes a person special is quite subjective and appreciated differently by different people. For example, emphaty can be mistaken as nosiness, joy and happiness can be at times be misjudged as being boastful , and recently, emotional expression was misinterpreted as being desperate.

So whats the whole point of addressing the question anyway?

I am a simple person. (or at least, I would like to think of myself that way, even when there are times when people take me as very very complicated). I may not be different that the person sitting next to me in a bus or a train, but I would like to be remembered as....

....a loving, funny, easy going person who is happy, loved and cherished. Dedicated to what she does. Always trying to improve herself. Adventurous in trying new food, travel to new places, new things.

And in being so, though I am not so different to many, I am somewhat individually special.

Have a great weekend ahead.


Triple R said...

aku benci betul kalau interviewer tanya soalan tuh!!!! yeah... your answer is same to mine.... Aku pun rasa aku just ordinary people... tak de yang special pun....

Aku agreed with you that sometimes our behaviour/feelings will be misjudged by other people especially who do not know about us... right...???

But for me, you are very special person in my life.... you are my FRIEND that i could always depend on.... Aku dah anggap ko macam my sister, sebagaimana aku anggap Alia and Jaja. :)

Zuraida said...

Thanks riza...ur special too!!!! ;)