Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 9 – A photo of the item you last purchased.

A month back I buzzed Pauline from Bagskaki to get my hand on these two beauties....

*New Coach Enamel Snap Hoop Earrings*

*New Kristim Pearl Pendant Necklace*

Both from

And was I jumping with joy yesterday when I got this email from Pauline....

*Click to enlarge message. THE ITEMS HAD ARRIVED!!!!!*

Oh doing the chicken dance!

There's more than one reason to do the chicken dance though.

In the same (long email) my dear Pauline just threw me a discount for being a loyal customer. *wink wink* So I am doing extra chicken dances for getting new arrival coach jewelleries (which is not yet in local stores!!!!! Tak percaya I dah check kat Gardens :P!) at discounted price.

*it pays to be loyal likey!!!*

So I already transferred the final payment and it'll be in my hands by next week.


Okayla, not exactly the photo of my last purchase but its my latest payment made to purchase, so technically menjawab soalan hari ini ke idok?

Will post them when I it arrives! Stay tune!

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