Monday, April 11, 2011

Friday Night Out with the Girls & The F1 Official Lounge Party @ Pulse KL

It has been a while since we all chilled and hang out (okayla tipu....last month we had a series of farewell parties for Li Kai that remain unblogged about because I was super busy) and we finally get to go out and utilised our MyDeal vouchers for free flow mojito and tapas at La Bomba @ Starhill last Friday.

So there we were, 3 of us (Komala, Wen chu and I) all looking forward for a night out after a long weekend at work...

*yeah, lately everything was pretty long and tiring, its just great to finally kickback and relax*

It was oblivious to me and Wen Chu that its also the F1 weekend (duh!!!! tren lambat la kami ni!) and that the rain and the concert at KLCC is creating a massive traffic at Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang. Sigh. Gilo, camano ni???

So our after work drinks started 2 hours late (Wen Chu and I only managed to get to Starhill after 8pm) but we got there anyway....

There you go, belum apa-apa dia dah sibuk texting. Orang dah nak ada bf baru I suppose??


Anyhow it was suppose to be a salsa outing....but none of us dance salsa. Hahahahah. While we awed over the people on the dance floor, we simply sit back and relax and enjoyed the finger food and catch up.

Oh I had so much fun. We missed out a lot! Of course, there's free flow (virgin) mojitos served.....


*okay, show off*

After a while we got tired of watching and we did wish to move our feet so we club-hopped.

Ohh goody....when was the last time we did that again??? Vietnam???

*tetiba rasa tua kejap*

Not that far though. We went across the road to Pulse...

Where they are having this.....

*you just gotta love the fact that one of the girls is with the official sponsor*


The music was smashing. They have two DJ's spinning beats so cool I don't want to leave the place. Anyways, the other sponsor for the night's event was Tiffany's and guess what....

*they have a tree with blue boxes!!!! How cute is that???*

Did I tell you I love the music???

*oh spot the new Coach necklace on me!!!*

Wen Chu lost tonnes of weight. She had been jogging everyday and oh she look so good I am getting envious. Itu la, sape suruh malas-malas dok terperuk je kat ofis???

Petang ni sila jangan lupa pergi kelas yoga please.

Because its a private event we don't even have to bother getting a table because there's reserved tables everywhere. We picked up a spot at the centre of the club, nearby the DJ so we can enjoy the music more and while Komala was busy talking to guests, Wen Chu and I took more pictures....

I do the craziest things with these two.

Had a great time. And its been a long while.