Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Saturday People!

I have a grin from ear to ear. I woke up and had breakfast, and immediately after had a 2 hour scrub and massage session at Amante @ Aman Suria. All is good and now I am sipping my mocha frappucino while waiting for my 3.30pm movie.

Such bliss.

I decided to just relax today and have fun. I even went to a few shops in OU and checked out some of the arrivals that is simply to die for at TopShop, DP, Jaspal, Forever 21 and Warehouse. Heheheh... dah pasang angan-angan on a few tops that I want to get in conjuction with moving to my new office. *grin*. Yeah. Its official now. I have tendered my resignation, already towards the end of my notice period (which will end this coming Thursday, triple hooray!!!!) and will be looking forward to a new job right after the Labor Day holiday break.

Sublime ain't it.

In a way I feel blessed. This year had kicked off very well and had been kind to me so far. Better still if things goes as planned things will get better towards the end of the year. I can't thank God more for everything that I have gained so far. My only regret is that I can't take the planned holidays to Brisbane as I have planned for this year, since jumping to a new company meant no long breaks till sometime after the end of the confirmation period (which is after raya by the way, 6 months confirmation period is freaking long I have to say) so all holiday plans have to be put on hold.

So look out for mini breaks within driving distance. A few had already been lined up.....PD for the labor day weekend, Singapore in early june, kuching again for the rainforest festival in July and hopefully, I can squeeze Kuantan somewhere in between all those *wink wink*.

Okay, better pack up. The show is starting soon.



dieya said...

good luck with the new job babe!
where r u heading to anyway?

Zuraida said...

thanks dieya!!! I am heading to *toot*!!!! hahahahaha! now worries. you will soon know where it is. *grin*