Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Its been a long time since I last cooked kan?

I think the last time I seriously did cooking was back in 2008/2009. I wrote a while back how I lost my cooking mojo over depression and how things have gone from "edible" to "taste really really bad" and thnak God that recently I get to have my mojo back because I have been cooking for over 2 weeks now and yeay, it's not only edible taste really really good that I am addicted to my own cooking already.

Hahahah. Seriously.

I have to admit that I haven't progressed to master chef yet. My cooking is pretty basic and simple. But then a lil bit goes a long way, I have to start somewhere some time kan?

Anyways, I don't cook alone. Bobo likes to accompany me in the kitchen. Most of the time he would be waiting next to the cooking stove while I prep the stuff ready.

But then last weekend dia merajuk kejap sebab Kak Julia nak jadikan dia he left the kitchen and went straight to his favourite box...

*kotak yang separuh nak roboh dah kena cakar ngan Bobo*

Well, over the past week my dish was mainly everything masak sambal.....ikan goreng bawal masak sambal, ayam goreng sambal, sotong masak sambal - mainly because I spent an hour the other weekend to make this....

*my very own sambal paste*

My sambal paste comprise a mix of tomatoes, red chillies, dried chillies, onions and garlic blended to a paste and cooked with oil. I made a container full of this paste for cooking and refrigerated it so that as and when I feel like cooking, I can just take it out of the fridge and dish it in a pan.

FYI its great for making fried rice to.

I just have to say I loveeeeee the chilli paste. Hahahaha. Its officially my favourite paste and I am making more of it to keep it in the fridge. Whatever type of masak sambal, I simply scoop a sum of the paste and voila....

*ambik ko sambal sotong in action*

Having the paste ready in the fridge means a lot of cooking time saved.


I also mastered the art of frying my very own sayur goreng ikan masin....


You guys must be alughing your socks at me right now for bragging about cooking this but hey, ada orang makan sampai 2 pinggan okay (and its not me!!!) and my sister said it really does taste good so...


Lepas ni boleh belajar masak lomak pulak yo.


shasha said...

haaa...cepat skit belajar masak lomak...den dah tak soba nak ghaso eh...heheheheh
omar tanya sambal sotong tu sedap ke?

Xuriana said...

i am so proud of you!


Zuraida said...


baik bos. nak tau sodap ko tak kono datang raso sendiri.


Dear Tina,

thanks babe!