Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kenapakah JJ buat members sale time akhir-akhir bulan ni??

Keji kan?

Nevertheless , aku insan yang lemah. At the end I pun sama jugak macam beribu-ribu rakyat Malaysia lain yang sama-sama membanjiri JJ @ Mid Valley. Af first ingat nak cuci mata je. For the first hour I manage to do just that till Ika took me to the shoe section and I found this....

*the classic black pump - not exactly a Pierre Hardy but NYC instead with moc croc details - slashed to only RM76 and looks so uber delicious on my feet*


Again. I am weak indeed.

To come to think of it I need new working shoes anyway and I am due to hunt for office attire with Tina on the 29th (my only day off - mind you) so getting a pair now will just make it easier, less stuff to hunt and cross out of my shopping list next Friday.

*grin - excuses women make to keep on buying stuff*

But seriously, I am loving it.

Members sale is still on till the end of the day. Its still not too late ladies.....

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