Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last Working Day....weehoo!!!! (2011)

Tak banyak idea nak buat tajuk apa so kena recycle tajuk lama. *grin*. Kalau kes memang every 2 tahun resign ha lagila selalu ada entry tajuk yang sama....hahaha....

Anyways.... is my last day in Cagamas.

It felt surreal. Finally. I get to leave.


Actually I have mixed feelings. But then I am human. I am weak to better opportunities laid bare upon me out there.

I have completed my sign off checklist and now I am just counting minutes to leave. Ngeh ngeh ngeh....soka. Kalau boleh cabut sekakrang pantas je aku blah kan. Hahahaha. Tapi tak boleh, jangan bersifat keji.

I got to get the week off till Labor Day and then new cycle starts.


We can look forward to more new and exciting things....

....a new job.

...the end of the 30 day blog post challenge . yeah yeah yeah, i hutang 5 lagi post. I know. Will try and do so before the end of the month.

....a mini weekend break to Port Dickson with my favourite gal pals. *huge hooray!*

....the extreme fitness challenge. *hohoho!!!!!*

...Singapore Sale trip (coming in June!).

So far that's it but I'm psych!

Adios. Wishing you all the best out there too!


sherrina said...

Wah....keje dimana pula lepas ni?

Zuraida said...

Kak Sherry,

Kat CIMB Damansara.