Monday, April 18, 2011

My Gelish Polish experience

This is one experience I would love to share!!! I am so amazed over the new Gelish polish, it dries in a jiffy and I have to say I am definitely loving it!!

Some time last February I bought a voucher from for a mani pedi session @ Nail Harmony (located at Dataran Sunway) which offers 50% off the Gelish polish.

I only manage to get some time 5 days before the voucher expire......apparently it was like goreng pisang panas...macam mana I tak excited nak try it out??

What is Gelish polish??

Well girls, say hello to the new revolutionary nail polish in the market....the gel polish that dries in a jiffy and won't chip or fade for 21 days....

Seriously??? Is there such a thing?

Oh yes baby. Such thing exist and boy its the answer to all our nail woes.

With gelish polish gone are the worries of smudges, or crack or chip...and what I love most is it makes the nails stronger and healthier compared to the average nail polish, so hell yeah I am loving it.
The gel polish is applied in 5 coats (including base and top coat) and in between application, dried under UV lights for about 10 to 15 seconds. Once dried under the UV light the color hardens instantly...and can immediately go through your handbags smudge-worry free sebab trust me, it hardens so fast buat la ganas macam mana pun it won't go wrong!!

*oh heavennya...kalau tak selalu je takut nanti kuku rosak...then kena buat balik....lagi sakit hati kalau dah balik then tengah driving tetiba smudge....demmit demmit demmit*

I was lucky that despite missing 2 appointments (because I woke up late), Kaka Lam, the owner still manage to fit me in for the mani pedi session yesterday night. The place is not that hard to find, as soon as I got the directions to the salon I manage to find the place almost instantly.

The place is lovely. I love the decor and the comfy plush chairs at the pedicure place, its exactly like the ones they have at Amante and its really really comfortable.

I was seated at the far right sofa and got to enjoy the movies they had on on their LCD tv while getting my nails done, how cool is that?

I opted for the normal color for my pedicure, but paid my extra RM60 for my gelish polish (after 50% off) and was happy to learn that they are on promotion that day so I can get 2 polish for RM120 and a bunch of vouchers for my next visit.

Bila dengar boleh buy 1 free 1 sape tak teruja??


Anyways, the 2 hours flew by just like that as I had fun watching Chuck and Larry and She's the Man while getting my nails done, and was accompanied by another friendly customer who chatted with me while we both get our nails done.

OMG, first time a total stranger ever chatted with me during mani pedi. The ambience so cool and people so friendly, what more to ask?

Me (and the other girl) was the last to leave but we were so happy because I have to say, the finishing was very very nice.....

*sudah gelap*

My shiny new nails....

*tak sia-sia aku simpan kuku selama 3 minggu...grin*

Picture don't do the color justice, because its nude fawnlike color don't really stand out in photos but then hell, I love the way my nails look today....macam ada bintang-bintang atas kuku.

Will it live up to its expectation - no chip for 21 days?

Let's see - day 1 it feels as hard as it can be. If it chips I seek solace over the owner's guarantee that I can walk in anytime and get my nails fixed. She's so confident that it won't go wrong to a point that she can guarantee it for 3 weeks.

So what say you? Try it now! The same offer is still on at Milk-A-Deal, otherwise, Groupsmore is also offering a similar deal (manicure only) at Zaza salon in Kota Damansara for RM55.

Standard Gelish polish goes for an additional RM120 - RM150 at salons on top of the standard charges for mani or pedi (Nail Harmony goes for RM120 before discount for polish only, Amante goes for RM78 for first trial of polish only or RM135 at standard rate polish only) so yeah, if you find a bargain go for it because the polish ain't cheap.

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