Friday, April 22, 2011


1. The last post was not meant for "the ex's". I had a few people buzzed me earlier on who's the letter was intended to in the first place. FYI, the ex's is old news....this X is more recent.

2. Yeah, I've grown more mature and let go of certain things that are just not worth it. This is one of them. *wink wink*

3. Contemplating on whether I should get the Dorothy Koompson books when I have 3 Julia Quinn next to my bed untouched? I come to like her writing, it makes me float mid air. I feel like buying all of DK's books, which is absurd. Am I spellbound?

4. Looking forward to the Labour Day holidays for a quickie break by the beach with my favourite gal pals. Sun, sea,sand and.....ribena!!! Yeay!!!


n i e z a said...

Kak zue, I saw DK's books at a bookstore the other day. They're selling 3 for 59.95. Marshmallows For Breakfast, The Chocolate Run & Ice Cream Girls. Are they good? If they are, maybe I shud get those. :)

Zuraida said...

hi nieza,

i read DK's "the woman he loved before" and it was great!!! i loved it!!! My friend recommended marshmallow for tgh contemplating on having it. RM60 for 3, thats a bargain...can u get it for me???


bring the receipt, i'll pay you back over the weekend! hahahah!