Monday, April 4, 2011

On a mini spa break and a kiddie bday party!

I took Friday off because hmm....I simply need the day off (?) and since all my work has been signed off then I can just let go of the world, sit back and take all the zzz's in the world.


I woke up bright and shiny Saturday morning, terkebil-kebil tak tahu nak buat apa, and since Tina was not free for our weekend breakfast (in which should re-convene soon, followed by gym *wink wink*, I had a quick shower and head to Amante @ Aman Suria for a bit of R&R and spa-loving.

For those who have never been to Amante I would like to recommend their mani pedi because they do great color that last. Seriously, the standard OPI polish can last up to 2 weeks without chipping or discoloring and the application is so even, I think they give out the best mani pedi service in town. I am not saying this based on one visit okay, me and my two besties, Komala and Shahnaz, are avid Amante fans and all three of us agreed that getting the mani pedi package there saves us a whole load of nail misery.

In which is so true.

Anyways, I have also recently discovered that they give excellent aromatheraphy massages. 3 weeks ago I fell into deep slumber during a 2 hour aromatheraphy massage and last weekend, my body was massaged to bliss in a 1 and a half hour of hotstone massage.

Which is superb!!!


Because rather than giving me a one hour massage and 10 minutes hot stone left on my body like I've experinced before, they actually massage the whole body with the hot stone for the whole duration of the massage.

Oh I simply love it.


I top off the spa loving with a whitening spa pedicure....

While accompanied by a good book...

I have to say I'm all smiles with all my stress at bay.


I look so fresh at Dzarif's 1st bday party!


I topped off the day with sugar, sugar and sugar.

P/s : Congrats Ika!!! I think the bday party was a proud of ya super mom!!! Thanks for having me around!

Pp/s : I am proud of the cupcake toppers too because I chipped in the idea!!! *hmm....nak jugak kongsi glamer!*

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