Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random thoughts in my head at the moment

I have been bloghopping all day with the hopes that I might find something amusing to read. Yeap, I did find some interesting bits, which kept me busy till about 3pm when I finally realised that...

*oops....what have I been doing again?*

I still have loads to clear from my desk, and papers to shred, and files to put off....and queries to answer to.


Banyaknye benda nak buat.

What the hell am I...superwoman?

Its raining like a mad dog outside and at 31st floor I can see clearly signs of thunder and the clouds that has turned grey.

Abisla, tak boleh balik awal hari ni. Mesti jam tak hengat.


As I typed I felt grateful over the trial CellLab whitening mask slabbed on my hands because hands are much nicer now. Its soft again after last weekends damage while cleaning the toilet....

*nobody told me that I should use gloves*

In which I should invest on.

What? The glove or the mask you ask?

I was thinking of both. But the whitening mask cost over RM200 per bottle. Sigh. Is it worth it? The promoter say it can also be used on puffy eyes and drafk circles and it work wonders....can I trust that?

I am saving for Singapore in June and the sound of a pricey miracle creme is such a splurge.

On the other hand I wont mind spending if it makes me as flawless as this....

*seriously, how did she turn into this beauty? I still have her in mind like Lizzie McGuire. Duh.*

I am looking for.....

1. Pore minimiser
2. Miracle eye cream (oh still hunting hunting hunting)
3. Scar potions. Oh I need dire help with scarring on my legs.
4. Any good stuff out there?

Holler me. I am in the mood to try, so buzz me with suggestions please.

Now I should go back to cleaning working.

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