Monday, April 11, 2011

A review you would love - Back to basic Skincare

First of all I would like to stress that if I don't like somethingf, I don't review them. That's what happened to my Hada Labo phase. But I found another purpose for that Hada Labo skin solution I bought, so it was not all lost. Perhaps one day I would share what happened to it. But till then....

Remember Precious Me? If you have been following me I raved a lot about her home made goodies and I am simply in love with her scrubs, too bad a while back she discontinued her line because she needs to focus on something else and here she is, back with something new, something better.

*Back to Basics (B2B) Skincare Range*

Precious Me's one quick easy solution to all our skin problems!!!


No kidding ya. Read on.

I have already read a couple of reviews of the B2B range before but being the stubborn me coz I just recently indulged myself on a full set of Olay's Regenerist range (oh yes people, full set!!!!) I tied my tongue and just waited it out till my set is at least half way used.

Not that Olay's set is bad. I see difference in my skin of course. Compared to other Olay range, Olay Regenerist is better suited to my skin. It does help with the fine lines (that I am rapidly developing - scary!!!!) but then I have one problem.

It makes my skin dull.


To those who are avid readers you will know that despite not having blemish free super fair skin, I do have an OK complexion. No matter how burn't I go I can always regain the fair glow in an instant. But since I use Olay macam susah la pulak muka nak kembali cerah kan.....bila pergi facial je balik-balik therapist tu kata...

"Muka you dull la. We should do whitening!"

So. Not Good.

Imagine how I jumped with joy when Salmah, the owner of Precious Me, emailed me to try her product.

*oh saviour!!! I'll thank you later. Let me buy you lunch!!!*

Read on....

So I told her my woes,and she recommended me the 3-in-1 "Flower Power" Facial Cleanser and the 2-in-1 moisturiser/toner. She recommended me to try it on for 2 weeks, sent the trial pack to me and here is my review journey....

Day 1.

Voila look at me!

At this point my skin is as I said, quite dull. I have excess oil by mid day, despite the fact that my inner layer of skin dbeing dry and dehydrated .... thus the need for constant cleansing (which in bad as well, because it risks over-drying the skin) and after a while, no matter how expensive your make-up kit at hand, it gets more difficult to apply make-up.

To use the range is easy peasy.

The 3-in-1 facial cleanser is in powder form. Scoop half a tea-spoon of the powder and sprinkle a bit of water - dia akan jadi macam ala-ala jamu cair macam tu - then spread evenly on your face. What I love about the cleanser is the tiny beads they have and as you gently rubs your face with the cleanser, I can instantly feel the dead skin cells removed. Splash water to clean and gently pat dry.

Finish off with a penny size drop of 2-in-1 toner/moisturiser.

Feel fresh and clean.

I love it so much I can't go to bed without cleaning my face with it.

Today - Day 8

Sudah lebih berseri kan???

Definitely fairer. Not dull anymore. And guess what - no make up.

*huge grin smacked on the face*

I don't even have to wait for 2 weeks.

And guess what - the cleanser can double up as scrub and facial mask as well. So on weekends where you feel to go a lil extra, you can definitely save a lil dosh and do a quick home facial with the cleanser. Simply leave it on the face to dry for 5 minutes to a mask, then gently scrub it off.

Don't worry, nothing organic I ever tried felt so good on my skin. Its definitely not abbrasive and uber gentle.

Just got to love natural goodies. Go have a try. You might love it too....


n i e z a said...

wah, muka kak zue glowing sangat2! nieza nak cuba jugakla. hehe..

Zuraida said...

apa lagi!!! get the trial set now and try it out yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

hi...nice result. Kat mana to get this product? :)

Zuraida said...

Hi anonymous,

You can get it from preciousme by emailing them at At the moment they are giving away RM8 off if you purchase the set, so email them with the title "B2B promo with zuesarin" and mention this blog name and blogpost for your RM8 off.