Monday, May 30, 2011


The last couple of weeks had been surreal. I am still coping with workload and new environment adjustments, still trying to adjust my timings and workpace to a new routine so every day is a struggle to improve my timing of deliverables. Expectations are high and I hate to dissapoint anyone, so I tried to push myself to be better.
As I go through my morning routine today I received a shocking news.
My ex, Arif, had recently passed away.
I have to admit that I don't know how to react. It's been a while since his name was ever mentioned, and I have long since buried everything even remotely related to him so I would never have to be reminded of the past but then the fact sounds impossible to believe at first.
It silenced me a bit. But only Gods knows best. May he rest in peace.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

16 May 2011 - Ansara Terendak's Malam Terima Kasih Cikgu

How many years have we left high school again???


For me its been over a decade. I'm still a student though, still learning everyday from people around me but these days we rarely express our gratitude to our teachers because we never formally label anyone as a teacher, or a mentor. Its different back then in school when you always know who your teachers were and every 16 May everyone stop and took the time to say....

Thank You teacher, for teaching me in class.

Thank You teacher, for the guidance you gave me over the past one year.

Thank you teacher, sebab bagi kami keluar awal time lunch so that we dont have to que kat Teres.

*grin. the last one goes to my Math teacher, who without fail let us go off 15 minutes early everytime his class end right before lunch time....coincidently the menu was always Nasi Ayam with ice cream.l...yummey!*

Last 16 May I took a few hours off to go back in time and meet some of the faces that had made me who I am today......thanks to my alumni, Ansara Terendak.

*Pics to follow is courtesy of Ansara Terendak, I hope you don't mind me "borrowing" the pics...I was busy running around that night to take my own pics! Anyways, anyone interested to see more can go to Ansara Terendak's FB page*

Its not a grand event, but its grand enough to house over 200 teachers and equal number of students. The concept was santai and welcoming, nothing formal just a venue so that both teachers and students can both mix and mingle.

The committee was busy running around like bees weeks before the event, I have to give them all a huge thumbs up for making it happen with such limited resources and time! Everyone helped, some more than others (you know who you are, no need to mention names heheheh) and by 16 May I was so surprised over just how much work had been pulled off for the night.

The itinerary for the night was simple. In between speeches we have karoke sessions and sajak (macam masa kat sekolah dulu). It was meant to be light and easy so everyone feels comfortable to go around.

By 8pm the place was packed.....with people.

I got to help out at the registration counter....which seems to feel like mission impossible! Theres just too many people, too little time....too many faces!!!! *grin* Oh I get to meet some of my teachers then, sebab I jaga kaunter guru...and they were like "Zue?" (utter disbelief....seriously, aku gemuk sangat kah?).


Anyways, all went well.

We had fun.

Oh that night I jadi kaunter girl. Seriously, macam kaunter to my fix position. After registration I manage to grab some dinner, and went back to the counter and man the booth that sells t-shirts and souvenirs.

Seb baik ada adik-adik temankan saya.....

I can't believe that we almost sold out.



*did u see any of your teachers?*

Its mindboggling that some of the new teachers look freaking young so at one occasion I asked non-challantly....

Me : Errrm.....sorry cikgu, you dah berapa lama mengajar??

Cikgu : Dah nak masuk 2 tahun

Me : Errm, so berapa umur cikgu?

Cikgu : 26.

*omg.....lagi mudakah?*

I didn't expect the committee to come up with banner rumah sukan. Cute okey.

The night went superbly well. I see smiling faces as they leave the PWTC hall, everyone seem to have such a good time catching up with old friends and techers, rekindling relationships.

Again, all this wont be a success without these buggers....

Oh yeah I want credit I ran into the picture! *grin*

The next day.....


Takpe Shimi.....we'll get to eat more at MTKA.


Oh last but not the least, if any of my teacher is reading this....

...perhaps I didn't get the time and opportunity before to thank you for everything that you have done for me, no matter how small, had given such a big impact in my life. I have only gratitude over the advise/guidance/shout/screams/yells (oh yes, some of you yelled) you have given to me back at should be super proud of me!!!



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mayday, mayday

Heyya peeps!!!
Blog aku ni memang lambat laun takde entry bergambar la nampaknya. Sigh. By the time sampai rumah dah memang takde mood dah nak blogging,and recently the weekends pulak was fillled with a lot of things yang sampai tak menang tangan dah nak dok berblogging.
Things could have not been better.
I love what I am doing. (literally)
My time is more occupied now that I am getting more involved with alumni activities. *grin*. To tell you the truth I had a great time helping the committee out, so yeah, as long as work doesn't eat up most of my time anymore I will definitely join more of the alumni activities. Takde la bosan layan tv series kat umah ye dok??
Oh and the last Malam Terima Kasih Cikgu held at PWTC last Monday was a blast!!! Yours truly was on duty monitoring the t-shirt counter . Heheheheh. Ok jugak la, walaupun agak bz and tak berapa kenal ramai orang. Takpe-takpe, next time kita berkenalan lagi ye. And it was great to see some of the teachers from has been over a decade and some of the new teachers are even younger than me....makes me wonder kalau I la nak tukar profession jadi cikgu, mampukah???
Sigh. Tak cukup kokorunojumbi. :P.
I am looking forward to 3rd June. Kom, Shahnaz and I are heading down south for the Great Singapore Sale *oh lets do the chicken dance*. Lets cross fingers and hope that we can find a great loot.
till then, u take care.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


...bos tiada....
KITA ENJOY!!!! (ala Nora Danish dalam drama bersiri Puteri)
Work has been piling. Towards the end of my second week I finally realised that I have successfully managed to jump from one job an even more demanding job....hip hip hooray!!!! Not that I am complaining. So far I am blessed. Everyone is yound and energetic I felt a bit outdated but then this could only mean....
....more work.
Now I feel like I need one of those crew member in Fast 5 that kept on reminding his buddy "don't be so negative".
*heheheh. I love that duo.They're freaking funny*
Anyways, since the boss is not around I have more time to multi-task, so in between reviews I dropped by my alumni forum,, and start going through some old post and found a post on "Kasih Yang Tak Jadi".It basically kicks off when one of my ex-senior poured his heart out about a puppy love back during our schooling days and it became a forum of heartbreak stories....macam Chicken Soup for the Heartbroken Soul versi local. hehehehe. To my surprise I am at page 7 now...and the thread goes up to 63 pages....and I now fret that they don't have a bookmark application so that next time I can just go to the last thread I read.
heheeheh. yeah. I multitask.
*notakaki : ex mrsm terendakian can go to the forum 24-7, do drop by and participate!!! the more the merrier!!!*
Back to work....
....if I pick up the rate by a notch I will soon be converted back to a professed workaholic in a jiffy after 1 year plus chuilling in a semi-government organisation. Sigh. And you know what? There's so much emails of work to attend to (I get over 120 emails a day since I joined), I perhaps do not even have time to utter single word of complaint.
Perhaps this is the opportunity to brush up my delegation skills as well.
I should strategise.
Till later!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Ramblings

I went to Starbucks during lunch so I can take advantage of the free wifi access today. I brought my laptop to work today because I plan to meet a friend after work to discuss some stuff, so since I have my lappy with me I thought I could blog during lunch hours. An hour and a cup of latte later my blog page was still empty as I busied myself bloghopping and updating Facebook.
There you go. Time flies.
Today is better than yesterday. Yeay to me! I attempted a few stuff, and alhamdullillah, now I get to cross it off a long list of "Things To Learn" and somehow I was freaking proud of myself, even when the thing that I did was easy and small. Heheheh.... a little bit goes a long way.
By the way its the weekend again y'all!!!
Time flies kan? Its already the second week of May, soon half a year has already gone. I still haven't finished my 30 day blog challenge , perhaps I should auto publish them all over the weekend. I decided to skip the bootcamp because I found out from a friend that they still go on with the camp in the rain. Oh sayo tak boleh kena hujan.....nanti domam. Sigh. And it has been raining a lot lately especially in the early mornings, so I am writing off the bootcamp cost to "acceptable losses". I figured maybe the cost will outweight the benefits because if I do fall sick, it will take a lot of money to get me in good shape again sebab I ni kalau demam memang sangat la lama nak baik balik, so best forget about it.
And now that I'm skipping bootcamp I can go and redeem the yoga voucher earlier. I should check out the class schedules and see if they have weekend hot yoga classes. Its time to start burning 650 calories per hour and sweat it all off.
Since I have not been able to go all active in FB I have been meddling with the calorie counter for the past 3 days. Demmit, my food intake hits almost 2000 calories per day, no wonder la berat naik mendadak kan. Shame on me. I have to start portion control again. Wish me luck!!
Till later, have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random thoughts today

Have u guys missed me yet?
Blogging through email sucks because I can't seem to load pics as I write. Sigh. I wish there is a function to enable me to do so, but then what the hell.
I am still trying to cope with my new role. I am a tad confused, but then I was not as confused as when I first join Cagamas, so I supposed that this is normal. I still haven'y had a new lunch buddy makes me miss Ika so much. Sigh. Its even worse now that I am having ear infection and my right ear is swelling up....its so painful I can't chew anyway so I just bought buns and ate at my workstation.
Sigh. I sound so lonely.
Some random thoughts today...
I love the tea lady. She makes free flow nescafe and it rocks!
They have breakfast at the office every morning so I don't need to run out and get food. Sometimes the kueh last for up till noon so we can still have kuehs for tea break at 10am. Of course, its not free but then, its not expensive either.
My desk looks like a proper work desk now but then I still haven't got my drawers (boleh?). Macam mana nak simpan harta karun I yang berlambak lambak ni??? I have boxes of stuff to unload, kalau takde drawers memang huru hara la meja aku ni.
I receive hundreds of emails a day and I have no clue which one is relevant to me, so I saved them all. When I am bored I open some of the emails and try to understand the attachments that they sent...oh they are all alien notes. Grrr. I have yet to be converted. Let's see how long it'll take to understand the language.
Oh parking is easy peasy but the rates are hell. Kenapa la atok aku tak beli tanah kat sini dulu, buat parking? Mesti kayo.
Oh semalam lepas kerja pi wayang tengok Thor. It was superb. I can't wait for Fast and Furious.
Apa lagi???
Till later.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And yes, I'm back to work again.

Hey peeps!!!! I know its been a while, but the new place has strict policies on internet usage so no, I can't blog live anymore. I know, its a tad dissapointing right???
I report for duty yesterday. It has been fun. Everyone is friendly, so I suppose its gonna be a good start. *grin*. Anyways, the short break was great. I get to clean up a bit of mess, relax myself and enjoyed the sun at PD. Short trip.....I never thought I would love PD but then hey, I was proven wrong. The place was nice.....especially if you stick to the private beaches and posh hotels. But then I have to admit that once you step out to the public beach the place will be thronged with what seems to be millions of people and all that is nice won't be that nice anymore.
Nevertheless they have cheap good food and I had great company. So all is good. Pics will come up soon ( as soon as I can find time to load it up from the camera) and I am definitely loving our beach photos.
Till then.
Love and peace.