Saturday, May 28, 2011

16 May 2011 - Ansara Terendak's Malam Terima Kasih Cikgu

How many years have we left high school again???


For me its been over a decade. I'm still a student though, still learning everyday from people around me but these days we rarely express our gratitude to our teachers because we never formally label anyone as a teacher, or a mentor. Its different back then in school when you always know who your teachers were and every 16 May everyone stop and took the time to say....

Thank You teacher, for teaching me in class.

Thank You teacher, for the guidance you gave me over the past one year.

Thank you teacher, sebab bagi kami keluar awal time lunch so that we dont have to que kat Teres.

*grin. the last one goes to my Math teacher, who without fail let us go off 15 minutes early everytime his class end right before lunch time....coincidently the menu was always Nasi Ayam with ice cream.l...yummey!*

Last 16 May I took a few hours off to go back in time and meet some of the faces that had made me who I am today......thanks to my alumni, Ansara Terendak.

*Pics to follow is courtesy of Ansara Terendak, I hope you don't mind me "borrowing" the pics...I was busy running around that night to take my own pics! Anyways, anyone interested to see more can go to Ansara Terendak's FB page*

Its not a grand event, but its grand enough to house over 200 teachers and equal number of students. The concept was santai and welcoming, nothing formal just a venue so that both teachers and students can both mix and mingle.

The committee was busy running around like bees weeks before the event, I have to give them all a huge thumbs up for making it happen with such limited resources and time! Everyone helped, some more than others (you know who you are, no need to mention names heheheh) and by 16 May I was so surprised over just how much work had been pulled off for the night.

The itinerary for the night was simple. In between speeches we have karoke sessions and sajak (macam masa kat sekolah dulu). It was meant to be light and easy so everyone feels comfortable to go around.

By 8pm the place was packed.....with people.

I got to help out at the registration counter....which seems to feel like mission impossible! Theres just too many people, too little time....too many faces!!!! *grin* Oh I get to meet some of my teachers then, sebab I jaga kaunter guru...and they were like "Zue?" (utter disbelief....seriously, aku gemuk sangat kah?).


Anyways, all went well.

We had fun.

Oh that night I jadi kaunter girl. Seriously, macam kaunter to my fix position. After registration I manage to grab some dinner, and went back to the counter and man the booth that sells t-shirts and souvenirs.

Seb baik ada adik-adik temankan saya.....

I can't believe that we almost sold out.



*did u see any of your teachers?*

Its mindboggling that some of the new teachers look freaking young so at one occasion I asked non-challantly....

Me : Errrm.....sorry cikgu, you dah berapa lama mengajar??

Cikgu : Dah nak masuk 2 tahun

Me : Errm, so berapa umur cikgu?

Cikgu : 26.

*omg.....lagi mudakah?*

I didn't expect the committee to come up with banner rumah sukan. Cute okey.

The night went superbly well. I see smiling faces as they leave the PWTC hall, everyone seem to have such a good time catching up with old friends and techers, rekindling relationships.

Again, all this wont be a success without these buggers....

Oh yeah I want credit I ran into the picture! *grin*

The next day.....


Takpe Shimi.....we'll get to eat more at MTKA.


Oh last but not the least, if any of my teacher is reading this....

...perhaps I didn't get the time and opportunity before to thank you for everything that you have done for me, no matter how small, had given such a big impact in my life. I have only gratitude over the advise/guidance/shout/screams/yells (oh yes, some of you yelled) you have given to me back at should be super proud of me!!!




Triple R said...

huhuhuhu......!!! I missed that event!!!! TERASA TENSION!!!!!

Zuraida said...

Jangan stress time kalau ada cepat2 join....

Zuraida said...

Jangan stress time kalau ada cepat2 join....

maszShimi said...

Eh lama tak jenguk ur blog.....tgk2 ada plak my name mentioned sini...ngeeeee....tq!