Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And yes, I'm back to work again.

Hey peeps!!!! I know its been a while, but the new place has strict policies on internet usage so no, I can't blog live anymore. I know, its a tad dissapointing right???
I report for duty yesterday. It has been fun. Everyone is friendly, so I suppose its gonna be a good start. *grin*. Anyways, the short break was great. I get to clean up a bit of mess, relax myself and enjoyed the sun at PD. Short trip.....I never thought I would love PD but then hey, I was proven wrong. The place was nice.....especially if you stick to the private beaches and posh hotels. But then I have to admit that once you step out to the public beach the place will be thronged with what seems to be millions of people and all that is nice won't be that nice anymore.
Nevertheless they have cheap good food and I had great company. So all is good. Pics will come up soon ( as soon as I can find time to load it up from the camera) and I am definitely loving our beach photos.
Till then.
Love and peace.

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dieya said...

i still hv no idea where this new workplace of yours!