Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Ramblings

I went to Starbucks during lunch so I can take advantage of the free wifi access today. I brought my laptop to work today because I plan to meet a friend after work to discuss some stuff, so since I have my lappy with me I thought I could blog during lunch hours. An hour and a cup of latte later my blog page was still empty as I busied myself bloghopping and updating Facebook.
There you go. Time flies.
Today is better than yesterday. Yeay to me! I attempted a few stuff, and alhamdullillah, now I get to cross it off a long list of "Things To Learn" and somehow I was freaking proud of myself, even when the thing that I did was easy and small. Heheheh.... a little bit goes a long way.
By the way its the weekend again y'all!!!
Time flies kan? Its already the second week of May, soon half a year has already gone. I still haven't finished my 30 day blog challenge , perhaps I should auto publish them all over the weekend. I decided to skip the bootcamp because I found out from a friend that they still go on with the camp in the rain. Oh sayo tak boleh kena hujan.....nanti domam. Sigh. And it has been raining a lot lately especially in the early mornings, so I am writing off the bootcamp cost to "acceptable losses". I figured maybe the cost will outweight the benefits because if I do fall sick, it will take a lot of money to get me in good shape again sebab I ni kalau demam memang sangat la lama nak baik balik, so best forget about it.
And now that I'm skipping bootcamp I can go and redeem the yoga voucher earlier. I should check out the class schedules and see if they have weekend hot yoga classes. Its time to start burning 650 calories per hour and sweat it all off.
Since I have not been able to go all active in FB I have been meddling with the calorie counter for the past 3 days. Demmit, my food intake hits almost 2000 calories per day, no wonder la berat naik mendadak kan. Shame on me. I have to start portion control again. Wish me luck!!
Till later, have a great weekend!

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