Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mayday, mayday

Heyya peeps!!!
Blog aku ni memang lambat laun takde entry bergambar la nampaknya. Sigh. By the time sampai rumah dah memang takde mood dah nak blogging,and recently the weekends pulak was fillled with a lot of things yang sampai tak menang tangan dah nak dok berblogging.
Things could have not been better.
I love what I am doing. (literally)
My time is more occupied now that I am getting more involved with alumni activities. *grin*. To tell you the truth I had a great time helping the committee out, so yeah, as long as work doesn't eat up most of my time anymore I will definitely join more of the alumni activities. Takde la bosan layan tv series kat umah ye dok??
Oh and the last Malam Terima Kasih Cikgu held at PWTC last Monday was a blast!!! Yours truly was on duty monitoring the t-shirt counter . Heheheheh. Ok jugak la, walaupun agak bz and tak berapa kenal ramai orang. Takpe-takpe, next time kita berkenalan lagi ye. And it was great to see some of the teachers from has been over a decade and some of the new teachers are even younger than me....makes me wonder kalau I la nak tukar profession jadi cikgu, mampukah???
Sigh. Tak cukup kokorunojumbi. :P.
I am looking forward to 3rd June. Kom, Shahnaz and I are heading down south for the Great Singapore Sale *oh lets do the chicken dance*. Lets cross fingers and hope that we can find a great loot.
till then, u take care.

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shasha said...

Kokoro no junbi??? Hahaha...yup betul... Kena byk 心 の準備....