Thursday, May 12, 2011


...bos tiada....
KITA ENJOY!!!! (ala Nora Danish dalam drama bersiri Puteri)
Work has been piling. Towards the end of my second week I finally realised that I have successfully managed to jump from one job an even more demanding job....hip hip hooray!!!! Not that I am complaining. So far I am blessed. Everyone is yound and energetic I felt a bit outdated but then this could only mean....
....more work.
Now I feel like I need one of those crew member in Fast 5 that kept on reminding his buddy "don't be so negative".
*heheheh. I love that duo.They're freaking funny*
Anyways, since the boss is not around I have more time to multi-task, so in between reviews I dropped by my alumni forum,, and start going through some old post and found a post on "Kasih Yang Tak Jadi".It basically kicks off when one of my ex-senior poured his heart out about a puppy love back during our schooling days and it became a forum of heartbreak stories....macam Chicken Soup for the Heartbroken Soul versi local. hehehehe. To my surprise I am at page 7 now...and the thread goes up to 63 pages....and I now fret that they don't have a bookmark application so that next time I can just go to the last thread I read.
heheeheh. yeah. I multitask.
*notakaki : ex mrsm terendakian can go to the forum 24-7, do drop by and participate!!! the more the merrier!!!*
Back to work....
....if I pick up the rate by a notch I will soon be converted back to a professed workaholic in a jiffy after 1 year plus chuilling in a semi-government organisation. Sigh. And you know what? There's so much emails of work to attend to (I get over 120 emails a day since I joined), I perhaps do not even have time to utter single word of complaint.
Perhaps this is the opportunity to brush up my delegation skills as well.
I should strategise.
Till later!

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