Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random thoughts today

Have u guys missed me yet?
Blogging through email sucks because I can't seem to load pics as I write. Sigh. I wish there is a function to enable me to do so, but then what the hell.
I am still trying to cope with my new role. I am a tad confused, but then I was not as confused as when I first join Cagamas, so I supposed that this is normal. I still haven'y had a new lunch buddy makes me miss Ika so much. Sigh. Its even worse now that I am having ear infection and my right ear is swelling up....its so painful I can't chew anyway so I just bought buns and ate at my workstation.
Sigh. I sound so lonely.
Some random thoughts today...
I love the tea lady. She makes free flow nescafe and it rocks!
They have breakfast at the office every morning so I don't need to run out and get food. Sometimes the kueh last for up till noon so we can still have kuehs for tea break at 10am. Of course, its not free but then, its not expensive either.
My desk looks like a proper work desk now but then I still haven't got my drawers (boleh?). Macam mana nak simpan harta karun I yang berlambak lambak ni??? I have boxes of stuff to unload, kalau takde drawers memang huru hara la meja aku ni.
I receive hundreds of emails a day and I have no clue which one is relevant to me, so I saved them all. When I am bored I open some of the emails and try to understand the attachments that they sent...oh they are all alien notes. Grrr. I have yet to be converted. Let's see how long it'll take to understand the language.
Oh parking is easy peasy but the rates are hell. Kenapa la atok aku tak beli tanah kat sini dulu, buat parking? Mesti kayo.
Oh semalam lepas kerja pi wayang tengok Thor. It was superb. I can't wait for Fast and Furious.
Apa lagi???
Till later.


Xuriana said...

i miss you.. Gtalk pun dah takleh ke? sob sob..

ms. lili@ said...

kak zue, u're using iphone kan? use blogpress to update blog from phone, can upload pic.. :)

Zuraida said...

Oh tina,
Semua tak boleh....sob sob

Keypad kecik nak mati....stress stress...

niQue_naQ said...

u remind me of my first day kat shell two years ago, even worse, i duduk goyang kaki for the first three weeks takde laptop!! so sad huhu and the lunch partner part is so true as well, a good lunch partner is really required kan, especially to de-stress! terpaksa buat muka tebal invite myself masa collegue keluar lunch until i found the perfect partner hehe

oh yeah, i bought the back to basics skin care, trial pack dulu, yr skin looks amazing and glowing! terus nak try jugak lah! :p :p

eh, terpanjang la tulis kat blog org, blog sendiri tak terupdate hehe sowie! :) :)

Zuraida said...


kan kan kan.....i belum kumpul abis lagi kekuatan nak tebalkan muka i nih, almaklumla i ni kan pemalu orangnye (weehoooo!!!!!) tapi takpe, the day will come bila I nanti naik bosan dah tahap gaban or diorg mesti kesian la pulak tgk i makan sorg2 kan....hahahaha....

how was the B2B skincare on u? is it working well? Now I found something else that I love, so I pakai the B2B as well as that new thing....result....hmmm, best. Maybe nanti one day I'll share. hehehe.