Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quickie update

Today I don't feel like doing anything....but....dream on.
I have a strict morning to noon routine that somehow takes half a day to clear - confirmed. Because of that I no longer have that much luxury of free time to browse the internet or blog or even respond to emails because when my routine work is done, I have to switch into review mode and start chasing everyone for updates...lots and lots of updates. If I am not chasing someone, I wll be the one updating other people on updates.
Thats now another typical day for me.
But so far I am loving it.
Its stressful yet its not eating my soul, so thank God. I get to drown myself in work and yet at the end of the day pull my back out to reality and lead on my life as normal. People at work don't call me during holidays and weekend or even sick days....thats a huge plus plus plus to me.
But then I miss the people I use to work with, especially Ika. Sigh. Babe, I have new lunch buddies now. *grin*. But they're not as fun as you (yet! heheheeh!). The cool thing is they download tv series like a jitterbug so I can always rip it from them whenever I want (heaven!!!!!). Still, I miss roaming around the mall with you. It gets kinda boring going to the same few stalls for lunch and not being able to wander around during lunch hour. Sigh.
Since I haven't been blogging for days (hmmm, has it been weeks?) I have so much to tell, so may pics to share. I'll autopublish it during the weekend ya!
Till then, hugsies!