Monday, July 4, 2011

Dah lama tak blogging??

OMG, yes, sangat lama tak berblogging. Ika dah label I "back to being an auditor" for slumming with work 24-7 over the past 2 months but looking back despite all the pain I have to admit I am enjoying it. Sure, I worry most of the time abgout a lot of things but then what the heck, I would be worrying about other things even more meaningless if I was somewhere else, so I suppose I'll get over the worrying someday.

I am now a routing to a path of a confessed workaholic. So please bear my silence. To my friends who do miss me (oh Nina, yes.....I miss blogging but I am frreaking busy!!!) here's proof that I don't take life for granted (despite my tight schedule) and that I do try my best to go around....

That's last May when Tito Manny and family was around, we spent the weekend touring Malacca and for once...I took all the rides and went to the museums. I think the last time I did that was over a decade ago. How time flies.

I said goodbye to my bestie Jo who seek greener pastures in the land of the queen with her hubby over a cup of teh tarik ice cream. Its not a permanent goodbye though...grin....hopefully we will meet again soon.

To come to think about it we have been trying to keep in touch via skype but the time difference is killing me since I keep on dozing off for being too tired when she called. Sigh. No worries. Will call you next weekend.


Another bestie Era celebrated her bday over middle eastern food at Al-Rawsha. Love the balloons!

My lil sister (from a different mother) got married and despite how sunny and hot it was, look at how great the make-up turn out?

I was freaking happy. For the wedded couple of course. And over the flawless make-up.


Took a trip with the girls to Port Dickson over Labour Day weekend and loving the picture of the almost sunset by the beach. It's pretty ain't it?

Took another trip to Singapore on the first weekend of June (a month immediately after the PD trip) and spend a motherload on Charles and Keith shoes and bags.

Gosh, whoever owns that place must be freaking rich because I am not the only one one spending motherloads on shoes and bags that weekend.

Nevertheless without a single dash of guilt I went to more than 10 c&K stores along Orchard Road till my back feels like breaking to pieces.

The most happiest day ever.

The girls (namely Komala, Wen Chu and Shahnaz) took me to the spa for my bday (because we were all freaking tired and swamped over work...and my bday is a very good excuse for a motherload of pampering) and threw me a rainbow birthday party @ Rebung with a bunch of my ex-kpmg buddies.


They went all the way with the deco and balloons I was stunned.

The spa was good. The dinner was even better.

I didn't get to say this immediately after (because again, work drained me like a zombie within 24 hours) but I really love it...thank you guys!

Mwah!!! mwah!!!

And my girls ain't the only one who splash over my birthday....

My siblings and my mom took me to karoke!!! No pics though! thertinggal cdamera. But I tell you that same week I karoke like 3 days in a the third karoke session semua suara dah hilang...

Heheheh, I had fun though!


Last but not least, last weekend we threw a birthday party for Shahnaz who celebratedher bday a week apart from me @ Luna Bar.....

See??? I told you I didn't miss out on life.


I want to say sorry though for all the wedding invites and engagement ceremonies that I can't attend due to my work commitments. There's just so much time in a day to squeeze everything in but then hey, I'll try my best next time.


Can't wait to be in Kuching next weekend for the rainforest festival.


Till then, ciao darlings!

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