Monday, August 29, 2011

Rainforest festival 2011

Okay...patutnya entri basi...orang lain dah abis muntah raving about rainforest...aku baru nak terkedek kedek nak blog about it....akan tetapi...mahu tengok gambar tak??? Aaaahhh...kalau nak sila shaddap and just scroll down....


Anyways this is the first time I attended the festival and I did enjoy myself. Tak pernah masuk Sarawak Cultural Village eventhough this is the second time I am in Kuching and last visit in December I was staying within walking distance je, baru then sampai. Sigh. Sibuk makan seafood kat TopSpot sampai lupa nak jalan jalan hehehehe. Thanks to Fieza, Nieza and Bobet yang rajin bebenor temankan I kat sana, I don;t know what will happen to me kalau korang takde...ecehcehceh....hugs.

The best part of the visit was having lunch at Fieza house makan masakan auntie.....oh sodap sodap I suko sangat!!!!

*grin - tersasar pulak*

Anyways, I am a tad dissapointed that this round they play more guitars and flute...boring.....but when they do beat the drums OMG, happening nak mati...i like.

Tahun depan kalau ada banyak group drums I nak pergi lagi....hopefully next time boleh try the non-permanent tattoo, which looked so cool.

*eye rolls*

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