Monday, August 29, 2011

Raya hype

I suppose by now everyone has left for the raya holidays....the drive to office was among the best ever since the road was practically empty. Despite the light drizzle I still manage to get to office within 10 minutes.... a new personal record.

I wish I didn't have to even step in for work though. Dah rasa malas tahap dewa dah. But then to come to think of it I still have things to do and its best to get the stuff out of the way so what the heck.

Had a long list of to-do list crossed over the weekend...among others is getting my car washed. Heheheh....basuh kereta pun 3 bulan sekali...sian kereta tu.

Look at the que. Sigh. Nak cuci kereta pun kena beratur. Everyone wants their wheels shiny for Hari Raya, so I suppose sape la suruh cuci kereta last minute kan.

I also manage to give my tresses some love....

The salon was full too.....thank God I don't need any major work done.

Last Saturday night Shasha and I went for a quick rendesvous to Jalan TAR. Bukannya apa, ingat nak cari selendang for pagi raya. Yelah kan, nanti macam tahun tahun lepas rembat tudung orang. The place is super cramp as usual, people doing their last minute shopping and all. Jam lagi. Tengah-tengah malam buta pun boleh jam.

It took us over 2 hours to find the tudung we want. No baju kurung appealed to me. I was a tad dissapointed too over the choices that they have sebab kebanyakan yang ada tu tudung ala sarung yang ada awning kat depan not me.....then kalau ada selendang pun banyak ala-ala mini scarffs yang pendek they usually use for tudung lilit-lilit tu.

At the end I gave up and just bought one.....lantak la labu beli tudung lilit lilit tu. RM5 je pun, pakai pun sekali. Yesterday while packing I tried to don the hijab ala hana tajima....

Cool aite?

Not bad after all.


Oh cepat la the end of the day, tak sabar rasanya nak start cuti!

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