Monday, October 31, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011 - Where Books are Dirt Cheap!

This post was long due tapi nak post jugak sebab I was still very much excited with my cheap loot from the sale. I have to say that was money well spent there that day.....I regretted not bringing my trolley bag...kalau tak I could have bought more!


Anyways, it wasn't my idea to go there in the first place. I always have this mindset that warehouse book sale is gonna be too crowded, too hot, too many people it'll drive me mad so most times I stay quite far away from it. Yeah, rugi...I know. Akan tetapi...that has changed! Muahahahah! Next BBW book sale I'd raid that place like a junkie okay, lantak la what people will think. I'll even bring my own pulley!!!

It was all Geng Ying's idea, and I made her drive since I claimed that she's dragging me! Hahahah! Its like all the way in Serdang okay, dekat MAEPS....jauh nak mati! But she's so obliging, she drove us all the way while I nag her about not getting a map and we might get lost.

Almost lost! Gilo. Non of us knew the way,dua dua suk-suka hati pakai tembak tembak je. Thank God we manage to find a signboard that shows MAEPS and soon after a bunch of cars thats heading to (what seem to be) the same direction....

When we got there the que was fairly short....nevertheless, there is a que. I have to say the crowd control and security was amazing, so the hallways was not super pack with people stepping on to each other. I (for the first time) was impressed! Never in my life I found such organised crowd control on any type of warehouse sale held locally.

Before masuk sempat snap piccas kat depan pintu....macam budak kecik okay!!!! I think Geng Ying was about to leave me there and then when I shouted at her and insisted that she snap a pic of  me there!

Because seriously....she's kinda camera shy.

Yeah right!

Apart from crowd control they have strict rules on F&B in the warehouse.....

It's the first time I have ever been to a book sale, I suppose it's pretty obvious. Kalau tak tumpah makanan sana sini buruk la semua buku kan?

Rule no 1 when you go to a book sale.....bring a huge bag!!!! Otherwise, improvise by getting a huge box.

Of course, carrying a box will be pretty heavy and fussy. Its way easier to bring a trolley bag, a pulley or even the supermarket mini trolley (you know, the blue ones that all the aunties bring to the wet market???). Oh the supermarket trolley is sangat usefull okay..... I met this auntie who can fit almost 50 novels in it, and she still have space for more.


I on the other hand sebab bijak pandai tak bawak bag sendiri terpaksa la bawak kotak satu!

*jeles lagi dengan auntie yang ada trolley supermarket tu*

I went in the am so the crowd was pretty fair....

But look at all those books!!!! At first when I first heard that each book sells within the range of RM8 to RM10 per piece I said "No way! I am just gonna go there to check if its true" and gosh it was selling for RM8 to RM10 per piece so imagine how crazy I went when I see all these...

Rugi tak beli wooooo!!!!

I bought a loot of my own. I only stopped because my box was full and it aches to drag the box around. I malas nak use the check in facility just in case I took too much and forgot the loot that I have checked in. To edged dagger that check in facility okay!!!! Nanti terbeli lebih pun tak sedar. Check in banyak banyak!!!! Nanti kumpul je kat payment kaunter!


By the time I went out it was 1pm, I had 3 travel books, 1 cooking book (oh Jamie Oliver!), a diet book and 4 novels - all for a mere RM98.


Look at the que when I got out!

You wish you came earlier kan?

While waiting for Geng Ying I grabbed a pizza....

Hahahaha! First time jumpa a massive pizza hut truck.! Teruja kejap!

We later grabbed cuppies at Bijou @ BV to end a sweet day!

For those who missed the sale, they are having an aftermath sale on the 24th to 28th of November at South City Plaza. *love*. So I see you there?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh I am so losing my cool

I suppose my stress level is taking a toll on me....I am getting less and less organised, most time I think more about work and less about everything else to a point that I miss small fine details like where I left my keys, the last page I read in a book, how the last episode of a tv series end and seriously....its a bit too much now.

I need a way to calm myself and get a grip. Its so scary to lose track of yourself at such a young age, I can't imagine how people with alzheimers cope. Its depressive okay. And when I hoit rock bottom today, I simply screamed.

So not cool.

So in an attempt to save myself, I googled Upward yoga where Ninie Ahmad teaches now....and decided to give it a shot and bend my way to calmness. Last year or so it was her classes at Beyoga that saves my sanity and helped me lose the kilos effortlessly...perhaps now it can help me do the same. I have tried going back to yoga classes at the gym but its not the same, the motivation is simply not there and I felt like the classes were too impersonal for me so hopefully going back to her class will bring back the same feeling and motivation I had lost a year ago.

*seriously, its no joke ok finding a teacher that motivates you. look at me.....I go in and out of yoga like I have a hibernating period of a year!*

And with that calmness I hope to regain my composure and be more well balanced - mind, body and spirit.

See ya at Upward in 13 hours!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet the boyfriend....alkisah cuti nak bermula....

You wish! Hahahahh!!!

One of my favourite pick from last Wednesday visit to KLCC and the Aquaria....

If you want him so bad there he can meet him somewhere near the Aquaria's exit.

*wink wink*

Hail to the freaking weekend (ho yeah!!! Goyang buntuit sikit!) and phewh finally I get to throw everything aside and go on a long break. Oh it felt like forever la kan....when I was a bout to leave office sometime at 7pm today I started to kinda miss it already so I hung back for a while. Gilo kan? Kalau dulu pantas je keluar pintu ofis tu....dengan gembiranya lambai keluar with a smaile smacked on my face.

I hope all is gonna go well and I don't need to run in for a rescue mission on Monday. Best la kot kalau dapat finally bangun lambat for one whole week. *grin*. So sape sape nak dating ngan I next week sila call. I don't know if I will be away that long. I was hoping I can get to go out of town. But then I don't know. Tengoklah. I macam have a feeling that this holiday will be more touristy than the relaxing type I am so used to.

I have been sifting through pics and gosh I found photos of me in Bukit Tinggi...itu belum post lagi no?

Till later! Esok ada wedding. Lusa ada wedding. Have to look fabulous, so me need my beauty sleep. Cioa!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coz its easier to share the photos - my Krabi trip part 4 - to do or not to do?

Phewh...tak abis lagi ke post pasal krabi??? Kalau ikutkan sampai minggu depan tak abis. *wink wink** Anyways, just to share on a little bit of things that we can do in the itsy bitsy Krabi town.

Apakah? Barbie versi Malaysia sesat kat Krabi.


We were there for 3 days. The first day sampai at about noon and all flew away with the Krabi town visit, so we didn't get to do much there on the first day except sinking in the local sights, trying out the food (in town and at Ao Nang...both yummey though it can be a tad pricey!) and wealk around at what seem to be the endless row of shops at Ao Nang. Masa shopping takde gambar. Maaf la ye cik anon, satu hal pulak sambil nak berbargain tu nak sibuk sibuk snap gambar. But with the very few Thai Baht I have I manage to bring back quite a loot, so I am a happy woman!


On the second day we woke up bright and early to have the buffet breakfast, had a lil walk by the beach behind our hotel ( the one with the sunset photo) and later by 9am, off for the 4 island hopping trip which includes snorkelling.

*too bad tengah tak sihat kan, so tak snorkel. Nanti lagi teruk sakit kesian my roomie tak boleh tido. :( *

So the 4 island trip basically cover Rae Lay Beach, Chicken Island and ada lagi 2 island yang I pun tak ingat namanya apa sebab dah over a week baru nak berblogging. *grin* But they were wonderfull!!!! Kalau pi sila tangkap gambar banyak-banyak sebab its just so lovely okay to see the prsitine white sand and cool bluish greenish water. And the fish!!!!

So without further ado lets don on piccas!!!

What? Expect more commentary??

What else to say? get a tour kat Krabi is not that hard, there's a lot of tour company around Ao Nang that seels tour and they are actually quite affordable. Actually to tell you the truth snorkelling kat Krabi is cheaper than snorkelling kat Langkawi. So kalau nak cuba boleh la.

If you want the tours to be dirt cheap go during off peak season, like we did and everything is 50% off. (or so it was when we were ther).

Other than that boleh berehat sampai berspa. Sape pergi Thailand tapi tak pi spa/urut angkat tangan?

Oh rugi! *grin*

Nina and I had scrubs and massages on the second and third day (the third day being an open massage by the pool) and I have to say that's like the cheapest I have spent on spa'ing.. 2 massages and a whole body scrub totals to about 700 baht....hohoho....mana nak dapat kat KL ni dek non?

My biggest regret is that we don't get to go to the 3 layer hot spring waterfall. Oh tengok video macam best je. Next time next time. I'll fit that into my schedule for sure.

With that I wanna wrap up my Krabi postings! *grin*.Till the next holiday trip! Ta!

So early in the morning yet still wide awake....why? oh why?

Happy Diwali folks! It has been a long day. I did a road tour of key shopping malls today and its uber tiring. Not that I sgop around or whatnot, I was going around taking my cousin Chico to visit the key spots in KL. He's in town for a couple of weeks and since its his first time, so I suppose its hospitable of me to bring him around.

He's been a great tour guide everytime I'm in Manila. This is payback. *grin*

We did KLCC-MId Valley- Gardens-OU and got home at 9pm. It was flat 12 hours of walking about town. Its like hard work!


Anyways, there are loads of photos! I love the outdoor shots at KLCC park, its so nice! Will sift through the stack and upload it bit by bit okay? Plus there are some cool shots at Chico's camera. He has a full fledge SLR. I suppose I am the amatuer and he has all the pro pics.One thing for sure I am gonna hack it off him soon, whether he likes it or not.

So what kept me up so late in the morning?

Despite being tired, we had cakes and coffee while waiting for my cousin to update my Iphone to IOS5. Oh yes people, I have embraced the new IOS5 and its supercool, I am glad I did it. Now I am wide awake.


2 more days to a "freaking" weekend...hopefully it won't be one hell of of a wait. Better force myself to bed now, otherwise someone is gonna be really cranky at work later.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Should we raise the retirement age of private sector workers? What say you?

Hmm....this is a very thin line to thread. The government has recently announced an extension of the retirement age for public sector workers, and of late there are concerns whether the private sector should move the same way. There's pros and cons to extending the retirement age of an employee, one of the main pros is that we will have the employment of skilled and experienced workers and will be able to retain these people for another next few years but then, knowing a person is en-route to retirement, shouldn't a succession plan already be in place to groom the replacement for the retiree itself?
I am a strong believer that in whatever decisions we made, there should be worklife balance and there is more to life than work. I know, most of the time its easier said than done but then at old age, should we be slaving ourselves still in the dog-eat-dog world after more than 3 decades in the workforce, and miss out on the very limited time left to outselves?
I suppose we should be given an option, rather than pushed to accept an additional years in the workforce. Its unfair to raise the retirement age and later limits the ability of retirees who retired at 55 to access their retirement funds due to the fact they no longer wish to be employed till 60 or 65.
Because at 55 years-old, its highly likely that our efficeincy would not match up to our 20 year-oldselves. Our children would have grown up and we have grandchildrens to dot on. We would have a lot of catching up to do in the things we missed out (like travelling, reading, cooking) and I have to say, its a good age to start to start anew with the coming of old age. Because being retired is not easy, its another phase in our lives that brings changes - physically, financially and emotionally. Some people might need a while to adapt to retirement age and enjoy what it has to offer before finally accepting the fact that he/she has retired and life is not excatly as it used to be when they were working.
Rather than extending the retirement age, an option for extension of years at work or a flexible working arrangements might be better suited. With this those who opt to spend more time with their families can retire as usual, while the rest who wish to continue on in the workforce has the flexibility to be in service for an additional number of years/period of time a day. Flexible working arrangements has been engaged in many developed countries to retain their brightest minds at retirement period or in other circumstances ie maternity, sabbathical etc. Believe it or not there are countries that gave 6 months to a year of maternity leave and in order to get the service of the people, they offered flexible working arrangements instead to get a win-win situation at work.
I hope they wont insist of pushing the retirement age....if possible can you guys work on improvement of quality of life and increase in earnings instead? That will be great!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Coz its easier to share the photos - my Krabi trip part 3 - krabi town

Hish....sometimes I hate this new blogger layout....macam susah gile nak handle. Bila nak move gambar and edit the paragraph macam susah nak mati. So disebabkan today mood macam malas malas nak berperang ngan html code so tengok je la gambar gambar yang ada seadanya.

Our krabi town trip was a short one. Semua orang macam malas nak pi temple and gua gua kat sana so we skipped the cave climbing and temple exploring bit and went straight to town for food because we were super hungry. 15 minutes after we arrive, the rain was pouring heavily so we end up at the restaurant and nearby malls.

Oh thats the view before we land. Don;'t expect skyscrapers because the talles building in the islands would be hotels. The buildings are on average 1 to 2 storeys high.

Kena la tangkap gambar kat airport and bus kan, tapi since that time macam poyo poyo malu malu nak camho sebab tak kenal anyone so I end up not taking much pics of myself. Hmmm....I have to start mastering the art of asking ppl to take mor photos of me. Not that I don't have many of my own, I suppose I felt I don't have enough.


So the airport to Krabi town is about 20 minutes by bus, And from town to Ao Nang is about another 30 minutes or so. Yes, its a distance and a taxi from Ao Nang to town is a bit hefty.

Sheesh, sign board to Phang Nga as if you can reach Phang Nga by road. Don't get mistaken okay. Nanti dissapointed sebab at the end nampak laut. You can also see a signboard showing Phuket. As if boleh drive la kan to Phuket but everyone knows Phuket is another island away.

And yes, Phang Nga is where they film the James Bond movie , so its also called James Bond Island. Just in case you want to include it on your island hopping itinerary.

When we arrived at town we met a super dog who's dreaming to fly....

Seriously he was over the roof for a while till it rained, and was happily letting us photographed him like nobody's business.

At the heart of the town you can find the night market and a few (mini) shopping malls scatterd close within walking distance.

Nothing much there, if I were you I'd save money and just shop at Ao Nang. There are more choices there. Crocs RM10 pun ada.

We had lunch at a nearby restaurant serving chicken rice and duck rice.

Its not hard to find a halal eatery in krabi because its mostly populated by Muslims anyway. Just look out for the crescent moon and star sign (at most times in green) and they are publicly displayed everywhere. You can also easily inquire whether they serve halal food.

I have to say that food in town is way cheaper than in Ao Nang. Maybe sebab Ao Nang is a tourist spot, so food tends to get pricy. At Ao Nang a serving of dish would at least cost between RM8 to RM10, so spare at least RM15 per meal if you're on a budget. The portion ain't that huge either, so if you are a big eater, budget more or get ready with alternatives.

The sights around Krabi town during our visit.....

What to look out for in town?


1. They have a factory outlet at town but if you want to go there do let the guide know specifically that its a place of interest, because its slighlty off from the middle of the town and not within walking distance. Am not sure what brand they carry but one of it is Lacoste.

2. Wacoal bra is so cheap there because there's a factory in Krabi. YOu can get wacoal there easily for a price between RM30 to RM40, and the same retails to almost RM100 per piece in KL. So if you want to go crazy buying wacoal bras, do stop by the town.

3. Don't worry about stocking up snack from town to bring to Ao Nang. They have 7Eleven and pharmacies at almost every corner.  So you're pretty safe there.

At the end of the trip we went to a must go place in Krabi/Phuket....

TOP shopping market.

TOP sells local stuff like tom yam paste, dried prawns and what not. They also sell souveniers, which normally we davise against getting it here because you can bargain the things and get it cheaper at Ao Nang. What people don't know is....

4. Whatever you can get at TOP, you can get in town at a price which is 50% less. So be less touristy, go search the local stuff in town. Even cashew nuts. Don't worry, all the things are very easy to find. Most of the shops in town sells the same thing, you wont miss it.

There you go, my intake on Krabi town. Till later!