Wednesday, October 12, 2011

After ages....& the secret life of nora

OMG....lama gila tak blogging sampai blogger punya blogging template pun dah tukar. WTF la kan.....sekali tekan preview pun terkeluar kat skrin lain....terkejut kejap sebab I didn't save a draft, nanti semua lost aku tension sorang-sorang nak start all over again.

Itu la, sape suruh biarkan lama blog bersawang.

Anyways, care to let me tempt you with Alexis's mixed berries meringue?

Heavenly I tell you. I've had 3 pieces already over the past 2 weeks. Huahuahua....sangat melampau disitu. Orang stress kena makan comfort food banyak-banyak *roll eyes*. Just to keep my sanity in check.

But then don't worry...I don't miss out on life. I am still a huge movie and tv series which where my time has taken precedence of late resulting to lesser and lesser blogging time. I still travel, latest being a trip to Krabi with my darling Nina Sweettooth in which piccas has yet to be published. Oh hell I had such a great time....darling bila nak repeat? I'll be counting minutes.

I started to shop more. More like window shop per say, but once in a while I do end up with a fav pick or two, the latest being the cute polka dot dress I donned at the staging of "The Secret Life of Nora" last weekend. Oh yeah, kata theater buff jugak, takkan nak miss kot? Cukup la aku ketinggalan PGL....sampai 3 season pun miss lagi.

And what do I have to say about it?

I love it!

Ok, I am a musical theater bias. I love watching people prancing around ala-glee so yes, kalau bawak I pergi musical I would definitely end up saying "I love it!" but then Adibah Noor is so hillarious....within minutes I dah jatuh chenta.

And I have to give them a standing ovation. I think they can do with better props and dresses but they do have a strong cast and its very ada a couple of days more before their last show on the 16th, jangan tunggu la...just go and get a tix!

The show ended sometime close to midnight but the the crowd macam saiko ok, semua tunggu nak autograph and tangkap gambar.

Tiara hot as ever. If ever boleh age that gracefully....I think she's more beautiful now than before.

Seriously. Don't miss it. Adibah was hillarious. Tiara is smoking hot and the mat salleh has such a dreamy voice you could fall in love there and then.

Okla kan.

Since I didn't get anything that night I can't que for photos. :P. So I just mess around Istana Budaya and get some shots around the hall.

Didn't I say I look cute? Pics taken with my new Lumix GF3, which I found to be so cool tapi I still have to get use to it sebab banyak gila pics goyang sebab tangan asyik gerak je... work on a steadier hand. Till then......


Ida BorneoLove said...

that polka look so sweet on you! ;)

Zuraida said...

Thanks ida!

Sweettooth said...

the dress is so pretty and so are u. u lost quite some weight! yeah, nanti kita holiday togeder2 again ya :D. best sgt!

Zuraida said...

i think the dress is pretty too...macam sweet sweet gitu....