Friday, October 21, 2011

Because its Friday.....

*mari kita menari goyang buntut! hahahahh*

I love the sights of bringht orange pumpkins can see it almost everywhere sebab banyak nak mati kat col storage, village grocer etc. As if Malaysians celebrate Halloween like the westeners do but then, what the hell kan, its fun so perhaps why not?

I am all excited because we are throwing Kom and Wen Chu their double birthday celebration and it's the first time I ever organised (hmmm, betul ka? lupa). So macam mixed feeling - nervous ada, suka ada....Shahnaz pulak macam too perfectionist so at times stress pun ada....rasa nak meletup pun ada...omg, I sangat tak sesuai jadi event organiser.

*grin. perhaps that's why I am an accountant*

But it was fun. I really hoped they would like the gifts and the lunch date. Hahah. yeah lunch date. First time ever dengar bday lunch, sebab we're usually the night owl kinda people.


Till later! xoxo!

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