Monday, October 31, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011 - Where Books are Dirt Cheap!

This post was long due tapi nak post jugak sebab I was still very much excited with my cheap loot from the sale. I have to say that was money well spent there that day.....I regretted not bringing my trolley bag...kalau tak I could have bought more!


Anyways, it wasn't my idea to go there in the first place. I always have this mindset that warehouse book sale is gonna be too crowded, too hot, too many people it'll drive me mad so most times I stay quite far away from it. Yeah, rugi...I know. Akan tetapi...that has changed! Muahahahah! Next BBW book sale I'd raid that place like a junkie okay, lantak la what people will think. I'll even bring my own pulley!!!

It was all Geng Ying's idea, and I made her drive since I claimed that she's dragging me! Hahahah! Its like all the way in Serdang okay, dekat MAEPS....jauh nak mati! But she's so obliging, she drove us all the way while I nag her about not getting a map and we might get lost.

Almost lost! Gilo. Non of us knew the way,dua dua suk-suka hati pakai tembak tembak je. Thank God we manage to find a signboard that shows MAEPS and soon after a bunch of cars thats heading to (what seem to be) the same direction....

When we got there the que was fairly short....nevertheless, there is a que. I have to say the crowd control and security was amazing, so the hallways was not super pack with people stepping on to each other. I (for the first time) was impressed! Never in my life I found such organised crowd control on any type of warehouse sale held locally.

Before masuk sempat snap piccas kat depan pintu....macam budak kecik okay!!!! I think Geng Ying was about to leave me there and then when I shouted at her and insisted that she snap a pic of  me there!

Because seriously....she's kinda camera shy.

Yeah right!

Apart from crowd control they have strict rules on F&B in the warehouse.....

It's the first time I have ever been to a book sale, I suppose it's pretty obvious. Kalau tak tumpah makanan sana sini buruk la semua buku kan?

Rule no 1 when you go to a book sale.....bring a huge bag!!!! Otherwise, improvise by getting a huge box.

Of course, carrying a box will be pretty heavy and fussy. Its way easier to bring a trolley bag, a pulley or even the supermarket mini trolley (you know, the blue ones that all the aunties bring to the wet market???). Oh the supermarket trolley is sangat usefull okay..... I met this auntie who can fit almost 50 novels in it, and she still have space for more.


I on the other hand sebab bijak pandai tak bawak bag sendiri terpaksa la bawak kotak satu!

*jeles lagi dengan auntie yang ada trolley supermarket tu*

I went in the am so the crowd was pretty fair....

But look at all those books!!!! At first when I first heard that each book sells within the range of RM8 to RM10 per piece I said "No way! I am just gonna go there to check if its true" and gosh it was selling for RM8 to RM10 per piece so imagine how crazy I went when I see all these...

Rugi tak beli wooooo!!!!

I bought a loot of my own. I only stopped because my box was full and it aches to drag the box around. I malas nak use the check in facility just in case I took too much and forgot the loot that I have checked in. To edged dagger that check in facility okay!!!! Nanti terbeli lebih pun tak sedar. Check in banyak banyak!!!! Nanti kumpul je kat payment kaunter!


By the time I went out it was 1pm, I had 3 travel books, 1 cooking book (oh Jamie Oliver!), a diet book and 4 novels - all for a mere RM98.


Look at the que when I got out!

You wish you came earlier kan?

While waiting for Geng Ying I grabbed a pizza....

Hahahaha! First time jumpa a massive pizza hut truck.! Teruja kejap!

We later grabbed cuppies at Bijou @ BV to end a sweet day!

For those who missed the sale, they are having an aftermath sale on the 24th to 28th of November at South City Plaza. *love*. So I see you there?


auntie elle said...

i din know about this when it was so close to my place! rugiinyer! drag me with u next time plz...

Zuraida said...

they're having an aftermath sale kat serdang South City Mall on 24th-28th, I plan to go on 27th saturday pagi, nak pi? jom la, I am bringing my sister too...

auntie elle said...

eh i buat double comments ke? ahhaha 27th tu sunday la yang.. u nak pegi saturday ke sunday?

Zuraida said...

I nak pg saturday!!!! ;) nanti call me, we can meet up there.